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    Oh man this is still a thing eh? Hows it been going? I feel neglectful.
  2. I would say im about 50% percent done. The brush work is very close to being done. Then its the texturing and everything else.
  3. Yeah, good idea. A drugon would be a nice touch.
  4. Its been sometime since an update. But here it is, a small one for sure. But as you can see I am close to the end of all of the brush work. After that ill do the textures and enemies and all that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5kW65WXdy0
  5. Just recently got a new computer. So i should start back up on this. I still really want to.
  6. Hey so sorry i have been out of touch. I have buried in work once again. BUT! i did make some progress. But, i have also had computer trouble, with my computers fan breaking and all it does is spin out of control, and the graphics cards fan broke too. (Im on someones laptop right now) But thankfully this computer that broke is my old one. And i am having my better computer rig sent to me from texas which i no longer have had access to cause i live in California. In about a week from now hopefully i can get this new computer and start it back up and at least finish this brushwork. Sorry for being so out of touch.
  7. So yeah its been a while. BUT. I am still working on this, the main thing is, is still the bridge and the marketplace area really needs to be worked on. I am still trying to get as much done as I can.
  8. Yeah thats a good idea man. It may be easier to feel the gaps that way.
  9. I have the textures as well, but i have been thinking of ways to try and not use them. I think i can find better textures, they just look awkward.
  10. But without Qui Gon Jinn Luke would never have been born. The force itself forced fate into Anakin being born and everyone thought he was the one to bring balance to the force when he was really just there to give birth to the one who would bring actual balance and give birth to a new republic that wouldn't be blind and as ignorant as the jedi council once was. Besides how could Jinn tell what was to become of Anakin truly. And i have been watching The Phantom Menace a lot lately and its becoming my favorite Star Wars movie. But i still think Attack of the Clones is still overall better.
  11. I honestly think that EA and Dice will ruin these games. DRM, lame over priced DLC with a few maps or skins, pointless modern ranking system. I dont know, its sucks that we will never have that certain Lucasarts feeling anymore. Not to mention EA is known for screwing things up.
  12. So actually i might have some stuff to show today, not much though sadly. Still haven't gotten too far into the level yet, especially since the courtyard area will prove to be difficult.
  13. So i feel like apologizing for not posting anything new at all. Sort of been doing some stuff and not really digging into continuing the map, but overall i really still want to finish this.
  14. Episode II: Attack of the Clones yep.
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