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  2. Ah ma'am, a manner of speech, a prompt way to address that pretty android or pick her up...you humans have no sense of courtship! Pyke Pack...I've seen it before. This is even closer, apparently it went beyond draft:
  3. Oh dear, most interesting, I like that squareness of face, I'm registering now a strange algorithm at sight, where did I see her before...maybe one of those Disney-made prototypes...may I have the pleasure ma'am?
  4. "We've got to get in to get ouuut..." - Genesis
    "We're doomed!" - C-3PO

  5. This dude Mercenary here made the best Sith adventure of JK series. It was too short though, two levels as always! I, too, am shown on screens! (C3PO) Once again I feel like doing another review...this time lightsabers are present, this one feels like dirty and Sith-like affair more than everything else I've seen. The game begins in the sewers, I wouldn't like to spoil you anything so I will make a few remarks on the very well professional-looking environment and enticing original story, and other visible improvements such as enlarged howlers(the lizard in the picture) improved native props, especially from Mos Eisley cantina, and other features...speaking of pubs, this has the best nightclub location ever seen in a SW game, the ambience is all detailed and made actual and realistic, like spectators attending to screens showing futuristic matches between robots, sensual dancers, smugglers and so on, could be missing the high-class club owner aware of a Sith being after him? No! Overall the scenes are like somber, shadowy, reflecting the dark side of the protagonist and giving depth and authenticity unseen in a SW game...voicing is well pitched, near professional, very suitable to characters...quite personified. Also, best Holocron animation ever, the imperial committer was funny to hear, sounded just like the native voice actor, so that I really wondered whether was he the same person. The protagonist is a Reborn former accolite of Lord Desann of JK2, who survived a near-death fight against Kyle Katarn and wants revenge on his master, he's hired then to assassinate a known rich crimelord but looking forward to a final confrount with his bitter enemy Jedi master...the end will keep some suprises, even though I would prefer a more active execution to that, won't tell more. The city of Bespin is again the best depicted I've ever seen(see above), the background very good blended with the tallest skyscrapers and that sort of raised walkable balcony which would be like an ordinary street has many new buildings and props and reminds sci-fi sceneries...I never thought Blade Runner to mix so well with SW, while allusions or homages paid to other movies are there, like...Scarface for example (yep that too lol). What to say? Sith needed a proper adveture not childish nor silly nor badly outlined, here it is... Waiting your next chapter about this Reborn guy! PS: some passages aren't made for dawdlers...those are fast-paced and to be played by instinct! Like the fast spinning dou...ah too much!
  6. Alright, this needs a review: Best no-Jedi campaign ever...strong character and creative story, this is the example of what I and anyone searching a good story with the original spirit of Star Wars should want...very good concepts and level design, especially the second level (there are two)which I would say looks better than professional, evincing what care the main author Mercenary put thereon making the varied environment, not a thing looks unsuitable or "out of place", all places befit the purpose consistently throughout the game. Frankly it was the only mod I played catching the spirit of the old Lucasart games that were so balanced and well conceived, it is a good tribute to forgotten character of Dash Rendar, playing this you'll get the same feel of a movie! Firefights and enemies are also well done, enough spread and challenging...a notable mention goes to the space videos, which I don't know how but were made better than JK2, the renders and models look JUST the same as JK series if better, I can't figure however they did it so faithfully and old-styled, it's new but feels as though from ten twenty years ago...which is true, still really vintage and professional-like, very nice. Secrets are numerous and well placed! Voicing is short, but well done...most I liked and smiled at the cutscene from listened though the venting port, where the imperial officer was talking to the alien smugglers standing round the table...ah ah. The voice of Dash is also the best fan-acted heard in a mod so far, serious enough for the peculiar protagonist. For those who don't know, Dash Rendar was the protagonist of Star Wars:Shadows of the Empire, created for it, and later developed a little more in the Expanded Universe, he was the "spiritual brother" and fellow of Han Solo(see his similar spaceship) and smuggler like him, I remember him when I was much younger though I never went beyond demo, he was one of the best SW side characters and better than Solo at any hand to me, had better clothing too. The few downsides are, that sometimes the NPC's are a bit too idle, and static in combat but this can be improved with other addons, and the ammunitions CAN'T BE DEPLETED...exactly so, at least in my install but I had no other mods or active cheats, an odd glitch. More, the first level is a bit too short and would need really a bit of space/inertial simulation because you can't really depict nowadays that walk in a small hostile planet with thin or no atmosphere without a spacesuit...do a spacesuit for Dash! And put only space troopers in the first stage. Besides, the interior of Dash's spaceship at the beginning was a bit too poor and blank. Very good, that's it, I hope you release a sequel, this guy needs a new whole game dedicated to him! Sidenote: I don't know really, but I kinda think the E-11 blaster rifle in this mod, which would be fair the best ever made for JKA, was made right for this character...that would explain the same gloves and the bare forearms! Couldn't find anything related, should anyone know more tell away...if that's so, it would be not only a very good job overall, but deserves lots of credits since such E-11 of Dash Rendar I saw it's been used so far by many others!
  7. Thanks Mr.Wonko, hey everybody don't you know who he be? He's the secret keeper! No I didn't build any, as previously written I'm still loath to C++, but never say never...what is a Debug build? One of those used by developers? Never seen any, there are only plain releases on the official Github builds' page...I downloaded the latest openjk-2021-04-12-d2ed03a0-windows. I will, I did other tests lately with many older ones, same issue occurs. edit- I posted the issue on Github. Alrighty right. Thanks Mr.Wonko, it was definitely a hidden feature, but within all normal releases. It's caused by the command d_npcAI, accidentally above 0, while normally it was at 0, even at highest difficulty. It showed the relations between NPC's and when some of them die switched accordingly, most of lines ultimately linked to officers, therefore sometimes you could guess wherever they hid miles ahead, through walls. Yet after a hitch like this, it's plainer how JK was originally conceived well by authors, with a dynamical ranked AI. So everybody, set not d_npcAI "1" or higher!! Better explained on Github, I closed the issue.
  8. Hallo all, I'm not sure where to post and whether I should do a new topic about this, but seems like inevitable. A weird bug occurred to me with OpenJK. Resuming Jedi Academy after many years on intent of modding, I never saw something like this. Only with OpenJK, which I'm using so far, whenever I activate helpsuobi command, among all enemies across the map many connecting purple vectors appear suddenly...they disappear only once the NPC's get idle. After a better look, I believe it's a sort of deBug (that is a bugged debug) due probably to an oversight in OpenJK that triggers this hidden one, useful for testing and modding surely, but ugly. It can't be a mod, since I never had nor know any related, it can't be a renderer, I didn't activate other cheats and anything about debug, I have a fresh install of JA, so it must be OpenJK. I searched everywhere and I found nothing, I'm sure someone eventually got into it, helpusobi is pretty common otherwise all parameters reset to default. Please enlight this. Some random pictures cropped smaller: those are from tibanna-platform mission with Wedge Antilles, further on when enemies were surrounding these lines projected sometimes from one edge of map to another, a pinkish net...rather unplayable. How can I remove these lines? edit: the image hoster reduced the size
  9. Neat...I don't like that, fuck C++
  10. Hello padawans, I'm new here, I'm a longtime player of Jedi Academy, although I already knew JKHub and visited it once in a while to look up, when I was quite younger and knew almost nothing of modding, and the mere sight of C++ made me faint. Thank you for the forum which gradually became the best known for Quake-Jedi games. Before long I reinstalled all the series after years and a mandatory format, and decided finally to tweak it. Meanwhile, the source code got released gleefully by developers and improved evermore, making it possible to customize what was once hardcoded into engine. By the way since it's impossible to post in the proper thread without at least 10 posts done, allow me to make request at once. Over time I learnt for sake of modding Python good enough and a little bit of Java, but I never tried C++, despite all occasions. So I began to search here and further for specific mods though I somehow expected to find more about certain features, but this may be due to the long time gone, deprecated stuff or older mods many of which probably went lost whatsoever. For example space combat had much potential in JA but never really caught on, with few efforts within modders and the last known template of Raven Software. But also ground vehicles gameplay. So at last I joined in, because throughout all my sifting searches, I couldn't find anything, or very little, about something I wanted for long in Star Wars, that is: more realistic blasters. That's it, a blaster retouch that would possible only with the OJK, a general increase of all blasters' speed as they are, indeed, a LASER weapon. I understand the SW fiction, but really couldn't stand all those blaster shootings zigzagging between shots at small pacing, like on a mild run in a park, or amid tennis balls. Relatively the blasters are slow, in JA even more than Battlefront's, so I would need someone who compile a configuration add-on to overwrite the default blaster velocity. Doing some maths and considerations, these are the values I'd esteem realistic, but they can be increased: define BRYAR_PISTOL_VEL 4000 define BLASTER_VELOCITY 5000 define BOWCASTER_VELOCITY 1600 define REPEATER_VELOCITY 4600 Please is there someone who could do? I've already contacted two modders of JA without answer so far. I wouldn't feel like trying C++ yet, it stills scares me and I don't have the time right now...do it for me and for the little nephews of my aunt who are geeks of JA, but dumb. Thanks edit: Done. I don't know how, I found that one of latest Dusty's tests built on OJK had two new commands to change that parameter...it's just a matter of knowing now what else did he change compared to the OJK mod I'm currently using(JA Enhanced). Better delete this soon, it was a bit glaring uninhibited...if someone could make a mod with increased blasters and bowcast shots velocity only, it'd be nice.
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