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  1. Hallo all, I'm not sure where to post and whether I should do a new topic about this, but seems like inevitable. A weird bug occurred to me with OpenJK. Resuming Jedi Academy after many years on intent of modding, I never saw something like this. Only with OpenJK, which I'm using so far, whenever I activate helpsuobi command, among all enemies across the map many connecting purple vectors appear suddenly...they disappear only once the NPC's get idle. After a better look, I believe it's a sort of deBug (that is a bugged debug) due probably to an oversight in OpenJK that triggers this hidden o
  2. Neat...I don't like that, fuck C++
  3. Hello padawans, I'm new here, I'm a longtime player of Jedi Academy, although I already knew JKHub and visited it once in a while to look up, when I was quite younger and knew almost nothing of modding, and the mere sight of C++ made me faint. Thank you for the forum which gradually became the best known for Quake-Jedi games. Before long I reinstalled all the series after years and a mandatory format, and decided finally to tweak it. Meanwhile, the source code got released gleefully by developers and improved evermore, making it possible to customize what was once hardcoded into engine. By t
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