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Eve of Redemption 1.1

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Author: Mercenary


A Reborn is sent into the sewers by an Imperial Commander to find a hiding mercenary who carries the identity of a conspirator who has been trading sensitive data of Imperial operations.


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This was just epic. The Imperial and reborns voices were EXTREMELY well done, the story was great, and the city level was just plain creative and cool.

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only thing I didn't like was that the mission is really short and ends somewhat abruptly. but it was great in all other aspects!

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I made an account just to say that I really appreciate the work put into this! I loved it. Very mysterious and enjoyable. I'd love an expansion of JK2 or JKA in that spirit. It felt more like JK2 than JKA, which is a big plus for me.

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This was a superbly done single player mission. The story was excellently placed between Academy and Outcast, and felt on-par with some of the Academy missions! The cutscene work was cinematic and smooth, as well as the voice acting. The mapping on the project was also really well done - the nightclub setting especially really wowed me with all the attention to detail. While the story is small, the protagonist's relationship to Kyle Katarn and the events of Outcast make for a super neat little adventure that is woefully short. The only complaint I have is that the ambiance in the sewers is super neat, but at times made it incredibly difficult to understand what the player was meant to do. I'd recommend this to anyone who loves some truly stunning SP gameplay!

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This dude Mercenary here made the best Sith adventure of JK series. It was too short though, two levels as always! I, too, am shown on screens!  😃 (C3PO)
Once again I feel like doing another review...this time lightsabers are present, this one feels like dirty and Sith-like affair more than everything else I've seen. The game begins in the sewers, I wouldn't like to spoil you anything so I will make a few remarks on the very well professional-looking environment and enticing original story, and other visible improvements such as enlarged howlers(the lizard in the picture) improved native props, especially from Mos Eisley cantina, and other features...speaking of pubs, this has the best nightclub location ever seen in a SW game, the ambience is all detailed and made actual and realistic, like spectators attending to screens showing futuristic matches between robots, sensual dancers, smugglers and so on, could be missing the high-class club owner aware of a Sith being after him? No! Overall the scenes are like somber, shadowy, reflecting the dark side of the protagonist and giving depth and authenticity unseen in a SW game...voicing is well pitched, near professional, very suitable to characters...quite personified. Also, best Holocron animation ever, the imperial committer was funny to hear, sounded just like the native voice actor, so that I really wondered whether was he the same person. The protagonist is a Reborn former accolite of Lord Desann of JK2, who survived a near-death fight against Kyle Katarn and wants revenge on his master, he's hired then to assassinate a known rich crimelord but looking forward to a final confrount with his bitter enemy Jedi master...the end will keep some suprises, even though I would prefer a more active execution to that, won't tell more. The city of Bespin is again the best depicted I've ever seen(see above), the background very good blended with the tallest skyscrapers and that sort of raised walkable balcony which would be like an ordinary street has many new buildings and props and reminds sci-fi sceneries...I never thought Blade Runner to mix so well with SW, while allusions or homages paid to other movies are there, like...Scarface for example (yep that too lol). What to say? Sith needed a proper adveture not childish nor silly nor badly outlined, here it is...
Waiting your next chapter about this Reborn guy!

PS: some passages aren't made for dawdlers...those are fast-paced and to be played by instinct! Like the fast spinning dou...ah too much!

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