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  1. Mr. Disney did it again.Please join the petition for Kotor:Apperion:

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    2. the_raven


      Besides, companies' attitudes toward modding differ: some companies encourage modding, others forbid it; some allow all mods, others only allow small mods. And of course, there's the matter of what we call a 'mod'. Here, on JKHub, we're making mods, as in - modifications - for JKA. Big or small, these are just that - modifications, and can't function without the original game.

    3. the_raven


      Aperion is/ was not a mod because it can function without the original - it's basically a game in its own right. It's a port, and ports are forbidden even between games of the same company and engine. Think of porting between JO and JA, or F3 and FNV: if you own both games, and port the content for personal use, it's fine, but if you're spreading it among your friends, or over the internet, then that's IP theft.

    4. the_raven


      Much as I disagree with Disney's policy of shutting down fan projects instead of cashing in on them (which I don't agree with either, but at least that way, fans get to have something to play), I have to admit that it's the legally correct approach.

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