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  1. Yeah that's my hang-up as well.
  2. I'm thinking of starting a Lobot skin anyone have any ideas on a base model too use.
  3. Looks really good to me, I just think her skin might be a bit too dark.
  4. Jeff

    Bultar Swan

    Version (v1.00)


    A skin of Bultar Swan using ST_Female_Jedi_Customisation made by Scerendo
  5. I always wanted to try a RP, but have no idea what to do or how to play.
  6. Awesome skins, can't wait for these.
  7. it needs to be 128kb stereo
  8. I agree I would love to learn but have no idea how to start.
  9. Remember complaining about George and all his changes to the OT with the Bluerays. Wow that was nothing compared with what is about to come.
  10. Jeff

    Death Watch

    Nice skin. I love Death Watch.
  11. Welcome and I look forward to seeing your work.
  12. They all look really good, impressive most impressive.
  13. 847 downloads

    Couple of skins I did for Bo Katan and Riyo Chuchi from the Clone Wars
  14. I am looking forward to this. Looks awesome.
  15. My mind isn't working

    1. Xioth


      Silly, if your mind wasn't working, you'd be dead.

    2. Demo
  16. Jeff

    Onaconda Farr

    Yeah I changed the eyes, I always liked that as well.
  17. Jeff

    Onaconda Farr


    Onaconda Farr from the Clone Wars. Made this skin thought I'd share it. Do whatever you like with it I need no credit.
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