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  1. For those wanting to pickup sculpting for free - http://pixologic.com/sculptris/

  2. So do I, but you can't properly export extremely large models as MD3.
  3. I mean there could be ALOT more railings for safety (cuz Stormtroopers, Jar Jar & Rosh are stupid), but to say there aren't any at all isn't true.
  4. One thing I've learned with MD3 that you should scale the model using the misc_model entity, rather than scaling it in modelling software. Other model formats (OBJ & ASE) don't seem to work as well, at least not for me. Btw if you use 3ds Max, we have an extremely decent MD3 exporter.
  5. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:DSII-reactorcore.png Yeah, definitely no railings in the Star Wars universe. @@Jedi_Mediator Use patches for railings - looks nicer.
  6. You need to add the normals to the diffuse for the Kyle mesh - you're missing detail.
  7. It could use some more detail, but definately a good job so far!
  8. Certainly ok. Look at the level assignments here: https://jkhub.org/topic/10608-level-assignments/ . Look at you levels "Map-specific Texture Set:". Use this folder name to store your levels textures.
  9. Looking good, but two things: 1) Switch looks massive. Please scale it down. Then go into thirdperson, and make sure it's mid-torso height. 2) Please change the lift/elevator texture from the "grill" texture to one of the textures located in "DF2_lifts" from the mod assets.
  10. We will model it. Brush placeholder though so we have the correct size for the model.
  11. You're going to have weighing issues with that front/back hips fabric flap, as-is. Needs some horizontal lines added. Also, 3,400 tris isn't bad.
  12. I really hope you and the other mappers are using the textures from the mod, to save you from having to do a find/replace later. Anyhow, looks sweet.
  13. Take a look at how sabers are bolted to the player in the code. Code is the easy part - it's the 4-arm skeleton with animations that's the hard part.
  14. Nah I think I animated it. It needs support for width and length as separate values for the bounding box. Surely that can be done without issue nowadays.
  15. The player will have light amp goggles but problem is, it needs a glsl shader to work and it may be some time before somaz can get around to it. Glowing crystals would be cooler though.
  16. A lot of areas in each level are unrealistic or simply look like shit due to crappy texturing.
  17. I like it, though perhaps add glowing crystals for light source. Also, what are those spike thingies?
  18. Those rocks and sand will look great with parallax mapping (later on ofc).
  19. Feel free to use grass sprites, we have them working (just no movement) in the new renderer and they receive shadows. Check out my test rend2 map for an example grass sprite shader.
  20. I'd add more quality to the large round areas, and reduce for the small round areas.
  21. New version of Kyle will be baked from a high res sculpt.
  22. I can see that this level will need texture variation, but other than that, it's coming along nicely.
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