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  1. i need HELP , i installed GTKradiant 1.5 took all the textures from assets0.pk3 ,how now when i open GTKradiant and press the T button the appearance in the menu, when it opens an empty texture field, please for any help I have already lost patience ,I used to have everything installed but I forgot the procedure Link for image
  2. /connect m3m0.jk3.in:18451

    visit my server and enjoy you in my edited version of the FFA3 map

    Thank you and Welcome to my Private Server 



  3. 17 downloads

    M3m0 Reborn Skin , my private Skin
  4. 137 downloads

    :: M3m0 Duel Map v1.2 beta FFA :: - by M3m0 Thank you for download my map This room is for a duel fight Jedi vs. Sith, I hope you will like my work, the map is still under construction so I give you a beta ver.1.2 all copyrights are reserved, Designed and created is M3m0_Be Maps is ony for FFA fight for JK3 game :: all it takes is to download the folder open the rar and file m3map1_2.pk3 to \LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base and enjoy Thank you for Download my map M3m0`
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