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    It should be possible to cross compile, I'll give it a try.
  2. ufooo

    EU Lugormod server

    That server has only a few admins and almost no rules, so admin abusing there isn't even a thing. I agree that clients are horrible, but that's just because people who want to play without rules like "no laming" gather there.
  3. As far as I remember that setting affects only entity rendering distance, not the terrain.
  4. ufooo


    What version of Windows are you running it at? Is this problem occuring for every version upper than 2.4.6? Anyway, I would try installing this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784
  5. No, I'm speaking strictly about clan servers, and yes, it's KR which most consistently topped GT for the recent years, while other servers usually had just briefs periods thereof. I can't back it up for the past period as I haven't been doing screenshots or anything, but as a player who frequently checks GT rank, I can say that KR was 1st most of the time at least since 2014. I find GT more reliable than JKA server list for 2 reasons: 1. Exclusion of bots. 2. Average online of whole 24 hours of the day rather than just the hours when you see the list. Servers are in different timezones, so their peaks happen in different hours.
  6. I'd say that this statement suits more another JA+ clan that has a U.S. server (every1 knows which one I guess)
  7. @@Doby Found it somewhere in my old files, uploaded to the repo.
  8. ufooo


  9. I'm aware, I've been using gcc for some stuff on Windows. The code is now portable, it literally took to do minor modifications in 6 .c files (out of total ~170), which has taken around half an hour or so. It's kinda astonishing that all these years Phred didn't bother, perhaps he considered Linux as an underdog system or had other priorities, idk.
  10. The files are .c, but I guess it's kinda C++, mostly due to some stuff that is non-standard for C - gcc spammed me with "initializer element is not constant" error. I'm kinda newbie to linux coding, ironically LMD is the 1st thing I ever built using it, and one of my 1st encounters with Linux terminal at all.
  11. ufooo


    Version 2.5.2


    This is the last version of Lugormod U# produced by RoboPhred, dated April 11th 2015. Files included: - Windows version - Linux version Repository with older versions (Windows only), example server.cfg, and a step by step linux installation guide can be found here: http://lugormod.tk/lmd Note to lugormod map builders: There's many entity related guides around the internet, most of them are pretty old though and don't include entities added after ~2012. I made sure that all the entities newer than that display their info with the /entityinfo <classname> command (requires an admin).
  12. I managed to get a working build, I'll submit it to jkhub soon (probably tomorrow, my head's in pain) Briefly tested on a server, seems to be fully functional. I guess lugormod finally says hi to linux lol Edit: submitted the file, pending approval
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