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  1. Yea, the outline are there, which is quite strange. I skipped through the different settings, but as you said, it didn't fix the problem. But I installed JKA and the Radiant on my laptop now and it works perfcetly! So again, thanks for your advise ?
  2. Thanks for the answer! Yea, I've tried that and searched the web for other solutions, but none of it worked. I installed it in C/Program files I think, but I will try to install it somewhere else. I'm using Windows 7 and when I switch into the XPmode and start it there, the textures are shown correctly, but it's hella slow, like in slow motion when you try to navigate through the 3D view :D
  3. Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my GTKRadiant. I hope this hasn't been discussed before, at least I didn't see it ? I'm having this issue with the Radiant 1.4 and the 1.6, since I do not like the shortcuts and controls in the 1.5. The textures won't show up on the brushes' surfaces like in the picture. Someone an idea? Greetings
  4. Not very good I guess, for I didn't have much time to map, though the enthusiasm is still there and I look forward to map on it again!
  5. Hey guys, I'm sorry I have been away for this long, the last months were very stressful, I had to get things right with the university, did visit my family here and there, was in holiday, working and trying to get time for myself. So I'm sorry I didn't get you any update, I didn't even had time to map, but I hope you're still interested in this project, as I am. At the moment I'm involved in three projects, and I want to map on them all of course. Unfortunately I don't know how the next months will look like, but I hope I will get the time to work on JKA again, for that's what I really want to do I hope you guys did well in the last time, projects like that are always hard to handle, especially when some members are inactive (yea, I know ), but when the work goes on and one sees the first efforts, it's just great, espacially when you share it with other people. So, I hope this goes on and I can map in the next days, at the moment I'm ill since more than two weeks, thanks to my work in the kindergarden, where someone is always ill Go on and best regards Rage
  6. Sure, my nick on skype is raagee1, though I'm not online there often. But you can contact me here at any time Regarding the story, I think it's not a problem to change it, at least not for the mission I started to make, as it's still at the beginning of mapping.
  7. Of course, I'm still interested in doing a new level
  8. Thanks guys! I saw a few screenshots of lunar base too and it reminded me as well of my map Though I haven't played it before, unfortunately ever MBII as far as I can remember. Yea, I know what you mean @@Szico VII , I think hangars are just typical for Star Wars, especially the Imperial ones, and I can't remember how often I've been mapping one But still, it's big fun! Thank you @@NumberWan, that's very nice to hear Espiacally because I wanted to catch exactly these style, from the Death Star e.g. That's a good idea, I will do that. I thought about something like that before, 'cause it was just looking too small or using another model.
  9. Rage

    Jedi Council GCX

    Way better than the new version in my opinion, or it's just because I played very much on this map when I began with JK3
  10. Thanks dudes I think all of these are base textures, many of them are from JK2. Yea, the shuttle's aswell from the basic game, I looked through all ship models and thought that it would be the best right now, but who knows, maybe we'll find a better one?
  11. Hey guys, here I want to present you a little preview of what I made so far for the SP Mission "Imperial Space Station". I wanted to show this like 2 months ago, but anyways, here is what I got Right now it's only the hangar where you start as Jaden (first version of the story is discribed in this topic http://jkhub.org/topic/2640-gold-pack-discussion/page-6). I decied to chose a style between the Death Star and a JK2-ish imperial base. There will be four doors (on the screenshot and finished is only the huge one) so that you can go in many directions. I hope you will like it and ideas and criticism are always wanted! Best regards, Rage
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