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  1. I think I was able to fix it all up! The Removal of the caps seemed to do the job, and the wrists of the model is apparently me not knowing anything about Spanki's at all, because it looks like all of his models have the wrists going on with it.
  2. It looks like under the sleeves of the model there's something strange going on with the wrists. The other problem is during the jump animation, or crouch animation it appears the caps of the model clip through the feet. but i've managed to fix that simply by removing the caps.
  3. I'm looking for a Model of a Wookie in Jedi Robes. No pants or boots or anything. I ask because i've found a few issues with ds_Jedichewy that I can't seem to take care of (Probably due to my nonexistant experience as a modeller) ,it's just a minor peeve of mine! But anyways. Does anyone Have anything like that laying about?
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