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  1. I feel like we can do better
  2. One of the Most Powerful Sith Lords Darth Plagueis, NEEDS to be in JKA and/or JKO
  3. I hope he will finish the model. DT85 Makes great models.
  4. Looks good! But I think the eyes need work. That and Han wears Dark blue pants
  5. I am talking about young Han
  6. Can someone make a Han Solo for Jedi academy? There is one for Outcast but nothing for academy.
  7. They could use Secrendo's Finn, Poe, and, Rey
  8. What command do you use the get the playermodel? And also will there be npc support?
  9. I love the mod! There are a lot of other Kylo Ren sabers and I think this one is the most accurate.
  10. Is it true that you are working on a Rey model? I saw that file that said Jedi_st_rey
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