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  1. Hello. Ever since you started this map, I've been wanting to say something, but figured it was an issue you would address or someone would say something eventually. That did not happen, so here's my only grievance.... map looks way too bright and way to sharp. Sharp as in all of the edges. You don't have to bevel them all, you can play a little trickery with the textures if you're worried about verts. here is an example to help illustrate my criticism. Map's over bright and edges are razor sharp.





    Other than that, sick stuff, keep it up.


    Edit: are my spoiler tags not turtle enough for the turtle club anymore? 

  2. I'd definitely release all sources with my mod. Sure, I spent years crafting it, but, I did it for the community (and a little for myself XD). I'd love to see what the community comes up with from my assets. Also, the amount of teaching it would do, is just priceless. I don't own licensing to anything LucasArts related, so holding onto any aspect of it seems disingenuous.

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  3. On 10/25/2020 at 2:39 AM, kibasennin said:

    nice models! Did you port them yourself?


    On 10/25/2020 at 4:14 AM, UM-3154 said:

    I do them all by myself

    No. those models are downloaded, then repositioned and rigged in blender. 

    @UM-3154 How exactly are you testing these characters? Spawn one in and try to shoot at it and hit it a few times with a saber. Does it crash the game after attacking it? Are you including LOD's?

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  4. Maybe he didnt really know where to start, and just wanted a clean prologue. @UM-3154 You said you were doing some porting? What are you porting? There's quite a lot of resources here, as well as skilled people to help you get the ball rolling. What software are you familiar with, or interested in? Is there a specific game you wanted to port over? There's a good chance it's either already been ported, or requested. Just let us know what your plan is and we'll steer you in the right direction, and if you ever get overwhelmed with this site in particular, hit me up. I do things.

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