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  1. Only just saw this thread but you're in luck, I haven't uploaded anything on the site before, but this had been a WIP for a while... Unfortunately however, its a Frankenstein of multiple different assets from different creators! I'm not sure I could release said model with a clear conscience without the permission of the original creators, some of whom probably aren't contactable anymore... The assets I used are: - Sith Customization by Spanki (head, body) - Anakin/Darth Vader by Toshi (cape and skirt) - Jedi X2 by Seven (hair) - Commander Keller by Unknown (shoulder pads), current textures from Jashugan's Clone Wars Obi Wan. - TFU Royal Guard by Lt. Claim (belt buckle) - Darth Caedus Skin pack by Hollywood (chest armour texture)
  2. I love your work! Especially the Dark Horse comic adaptations. Just out of curiosity, where did you get your stormtrooper model from? Is it a Kitbash?
  3. How is the JKHub release coming along?
  4. If you want a fix I was having this until just an hour ago- I think it's to do with the .npc file itself! Go to the NPC you gave the sword to, and make sure its got all these lines: weapon WP_SABER saberstyle 1 FP_SABER_DEFENSE 1FP_SABER_OFFENSE 1 I don't know which exact one is causing the crash, but it should be one of the above.
  5. Here's how I got them to work together, its pretty easy: 1. Open ja_enhanced.pk3, go to ui, and open ingame.txt 2. Add line loadMenu { "ui/camsp.menu" }, then save 3. That's it! Should work now
  6. This is so awesome! My only complaint is that his head could use some work. Use the base JKA one maybe?
  7. Hi, for some strange reason rain and snow effects don't seem to appear when I run JA Enhanced. Any ideas? Apart from that loving the mod though!
  8. How about using the Flametroopers instead of the normal Rockettroopers?
  9. Yes yes! Thank you so mutch! Was worried this one was lost forever, but no! For what its worth its a pretty good map, if a bit on the glitchy side. There just weren't that many full-fledged space combat maps back in the day.
  10. I'm new to the modding scene, and I just had a question; What is JK Hub's policy on uploading custom edits of other people's works? I wanted to know in case doing this is actually prohibited, or even just frowned upon in this community. Also, do I need the original creators permission to submit my version? Thanks!
  11. Hi people, newbie here. I vaguely remember downloading a JKA map a long, long time ago. It was space-based, with two opposing Imperial-looking space stations(?), players would have to fly in spaceships through hyperspace (a la siege_destroyer) reach the enemy station and attack it. I can't even remember it's name though, and it's possibly gone from JK3 Files regardless. However, I recently saw this cool Jedi Academy movie on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evE-tCEjsAk, and one of the clips in it is from the very same Map I remember! It's at 3:33 Here's a picture: Does anyone recognize this map? And if so, can I still find it anywhere? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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