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  1. Version 1.0


    This file fixes the misrotated skybox on the bottom of Alzoc 3 Capital. It's not important, but it is jarring if you get to the edge of the map. ======================= INSTALLATION ======================= Drop the .pk3 into your base folder. ======================= CREDITS ======================= Krattle: For the original map.
  2. You could just include the source file instead, though, to remove the need to decompile. No point in using keeplights if the source file is intact.
  3. Version 1.0


    Hello everyone! JLH here, and I bring another fix. Two RP maps by Sekhola (rannon_praxeum and rannon_settlement_v3) have a shader conflict that makes rannon_praxeum look less-than-perfect. This file fixes that conflict. Just drop the .pk3 in your GameData/base folder and enjoy! It's worth noting that the maps in question, as of now, are not available on JKHub. =========== HOW IT WORKS =========== Most of you know that JKA loads files in reverse-alphabetical order. That's why this file is prefixed with 'z'. Between the two maps, 'rannon_settlement_v3' is loaded first. Because the two maps have the same shader file (je_sehkola.shader), only the first is loaded while the second is ignored. The second shader file has important directives that influence transparency and appearance of textures in rannon_praxeum. This file combines the instructions found in both .shader files into a single .shader file that is loaded before both maps. =========== CREDITS =========== Sekhola, for the original maps. ::JEDI:: for the hosting that provides said maps.
  4. SOME textures lose their alignments. I decompiled with map_bp and it keeps the alignments in some cases. You'll need to have UV lock on in NRC if you use anything though.
  5. Unfortunately I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about that. If I can find better ways to decompile the .maps I'll be sure to update these.
  6. 32 downloads

    Hello all! I've brought treats! I wrote a batch file that decompiled all of the .bsps available in the base JKA asset .pk3s. and got the .maps for all of the single- and multiplayer maps in the game. Hopefully this can help some folks get maps up quickly or use some of the geo in the original maps, or even just for learning purposes. Just a few quick points: 1. I have not edited these. What you see is what the decompiler spit out. Decompiling from .bsp is notoriously messy; you will have some missing textures, shaders, and models. 2. The only thing I did was decompile the .bsps, so full credit for these .maps goes to Raven Software. 3. I have not included files that can be found in the most recent version of NetRadiant_Custom. That means the following files are not included: kor1 t1_rail t2_rancor t3_rift mp/ctf4 mp/duel8 mp/ffa5 mp/siege_hoth 4. I have included the JA bonus maps here, as they were official Raven releases. 5. The Star Destroyer siege map is not included; you can find the .map on JKHub. Thanks for downloading and I hope this package helps you! ============ CREDITS ============ Raven Software, for all of the .bsps from which I decompiled. Everyone on the JKCommunity Discord for helping me navigate this process.
  7. This is hands-down the best Jedi Temple I've seen so far. It's absolutely massive in scale but as a result feels like it came right out of the movie.
  8. It's just 7lm's Interceptor https://jkhub.org/files/file/2371-tie-interceptor/
  9. Thanks. Looks like it works like a charm:
  10. Thanks a ton, Artemis! I was familiar with Worldspawn but I just wasn't sure if target_speaker worked without being hooked to something else. I'll try out that shader and see if that sucker works. I honestly feel like it'd be great to know that you're about to hit the edge of the space box before you get teleported, or alternatively seeing if trigger_shipboundary actually works and is more functional there. I'll need to see your image, though, because I don't have "racepack" in here by default, so you must have somethin I don't. The big question is whether or not it will cast light on the ships that move into them, not so much the brushes in that zone because I don't plan to have any brushes at the edge of space. RE: the func_plat, I did set it to player_use but it was still triggering on touch. Also, I added another question
  11. Hey guys. This is like the fourth post I've made so I'm gonna just rattle off questions I've got so I can get them all in. 1. I'd like to have atmospheric effects that aren't triggered by an FX runner. For instance, I want idle room noise so that the map has some character. What entity to I use for this? 2. How do I restrict a func_plat to player_use or to a switch so that it doesn't auto-move? 3. Can I make a force field brush that only stops projectiles but doesn't stop bodies or anything else? I've tried shot only clip but it doesn't seem to work. 4. Is there a way to create a shader that CASTS light but doesn't EMIT light? I don't want to be able to see the light or the shader itself, but I want any person or object who walked into the shader to have the light cast on it. I want to put shaders at the edge of the space portion of the map so that the ship turns darker shades of red as they approach the teleport edge. I want to use a shader because I don't want to use entities if I can help it. 5. For trigger_space, do "inside" brushes counteract this so that I can more easily block out space areas, or do I have to get a bit hacky on that? SECONDARY QUESTION: The entity limit for servers is 1022. Is this a simultaneous limit? Can the map have more than 1022 entities but perhaps some of them aren't loaded due to intelligent design / vis work?
  12. Turns out I don't need to switch it with another brush. I just set the "unlocked" field's shader to "surfaceparm nonsolid" and set the "locked" field to solid. Then they could switch against a trigger and I can just use two meshes. Ugh. This mapping thing is driving me nuts but it's so much fun.
  13. Oh my god I'm an idiot. I can't believe I didn't think of that. So I could use the patch and as long as the texture is "cull twosided" then I'm fine. So I could then set it to func_usable and switch it with a regular brush covered painted with nodraw_solid if I wanted to make a locking switch. Okay, I'll try this. Thanks. God I feel like an idiot.
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