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  1. Perfect. One thing that's missing here is Mr.Skeletal with trumpet ;_; Creepy.
  2. Avidhal



    This file has been created for the role-playing organization Szlakiem Jedi (Trail of the Jedi). The primary authors of the base on which was formed are Sithani and ranisdeguery. Vreyx is based on their Vode An: Delta Squad (Delta Squad 0.8). Vreyx isn't a canonical character - he was created and is played inside our Role-Playing organization szlakiem-jedi.pl for several years. There is no real reflection in any product of Star Wars (as a brand). I spent many hours creating textures and shadering. I hope that you'll like it! Enjoy! This model contains the following options: - vrx (default, fully equiped) - vrx/backpack (it is obvious) - vrx_h (default as first - but WITHOUT helmet) - vrx_h/backpack (trololo) Many thanks to the original creators of a model. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to create something that I am very proud. I hope that you will appreciate my work! Contact to the author: Avidhal vinax@szlakiem-jedi.pl
  3. Hello. I need to make a simple and large map. everything would be all right, if not for the fact that the program doesn't save my brushes. And i dont know why ;_; I did all the steps suggested in every tutorial about configuration and compilation. Null. (ofc. radiant only shows empty "terrain" texture and "caulk") Even the program itself tells me that isn't possible. Im using EasyGen v142. I am grateful in advance for any possible assistance.
  4. Nice saber. I really like it Keep it up brobro!
  5. Yaviners pls stop stalking us. I know we're the best but plox ;_;

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      Na kolanach do Czenstohowy. Jedyny ratunek.

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      odzyskałem struktury ego

      polecam tego allegrowicza

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      ANDRZEJ DUDA! ;_;

  6. Hello again. I'm writing here because i dont want to clutter up the forum. Does anyone had problems with the Textool plugin and knows the solution? I've only hollowed windows and the damn thing does not load.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTgFtxHhCQ0#t=1m30s :DDD THANK MR SKELETON
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