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    Burnin Konn


    Author description: "Anyway, this sector blockade—it's made moving goods a real pain. Even getting off Burnin Konn means more authorization checks than it used to." Featuring two maps inspired by the starting world of Burnin Konn, from the soon-to-be discontinued Star Wars: Uprising app. Scavenge chromium from the downbeat streets, wallow in the Carbon Score Cantina or push your opponent to their death during a duel! Current features: City: Retractable bridge Death by falling Semi-secret area Cantina: Death by falling Wine Installation: This PK3 contains TWO SEPARATE MAPS. For Burn
  2. Siberi

    Training Shrine

    Version v2


    Author description: "When it comes to the Force, sometimes you are the stream. At other times, the rock." Current features: Six rising balance beams (button) Moving beams duelling area (automatic) Adjustable floor duelling area (Force)
  3. 976 downloads

    Author description: "Once a prefabricated building, the Diamond Pit cantina has changed hands over a number of years, with each owner adding and removing sections of the original structure. Now fallen into disrepute, the latest owner saves and scrimps every last credit to try and turn a profit on a rocky, inhospitable planet." The Diamond Pit is my first completed map, having been overly ambitious in all my previous attempts. It is designed as a RP map so it isn't perfect from every angle. If you find any problems, feel free to let me know. Enjoy! Installation: Place the PK3 in the Base fo
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