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  1. The art is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you!
  2. Really cool mod, but I was wondering where you got the new blaster in the screenshots.
  3. Hey if it isn't too much I want to have a way to replace the normal Stormtroopers as is this a great model, I tried renaming the files but I ended up with texture errors. Either way though this is a great model and I wouldn't mind if you kept it the same.
  4. The lightsaber is very good I only have one problem. I think its a bug but when you resized the hilt, you also resized the blade a little bit. I got the mod and I noticed how it looked pretty much exactly like Revan's lightsaber. But after that I noticed that the blade is shorter than the normal lightsaber blades. http://imgur.com/jcbwTCW http://imgur.com/ZksnxLz The second one is a little hard to read so I will tell you via this text. "This is the modified version of the blade. Notice how the blade is shorter and slightly tilted to the left, those are what you need to fix for the blade. (I have not moved the camera) I hope that works (I never used this website before, or the website for the pictures) But assuming that you look at the images the first one is the normal lightsaber blade, and the second one is the one you made. It is a nitpick but I can imagine it making combat about 0.0000001% harder to use. Like I said its a nitpick but still a small issue. Learning how to submit pictures is fun. (messed up the first time)
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