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Revan's Lightsaber 0.3

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Revan's Lightsaber



This update brings a fixed sizing of the model once again, the screenshots on JKHub show it all to you.

I think this might be the before-last version. I'm gonna see what else comes up, also I'm gonna try to recreate

0.1 model resized like this one, even for just one single request. A real moder gives his all for the community,

or so I think. ;)



I fixed all possible bugs reported, though there was a request for the 0.1 model resize version... I'm sorry,

I can't give you that since I modified the max file and overwrote the 0.1 model, naturally. I could try to recreate it

but I don't think it's needed since this model is as nice as it can be.



Please mind that the addon replaces all defender sabers ingame with Revan's!

If you have any further requests or ideas for it, feel free to message me, though if there's more, I'll wait, do variations and release them as one pack.


What's New in Version 0.3


  • Resized the whole hilt, I didn't try the saber before I released 0.2 ingame, sorry.

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waouh very great model rooxon ^^

just a question: i search many pk3 files to make a kotor mod, can i use your saber in my mod if i credit you?

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waouh very great model rooxon ^^

just a question: i search many pk3 files to make a kotor mod, can i use your saber in my mod if i credit you?

Well at the submiting page here, I chose not to let others use my model... But I gotta let you know that KOTOR is to me the same as JKA and I plan on doing mods for it also. Wait a week or two and the first saber will be Revan's for Kotor. I planned something like that anyway, though I still want to go check out if it already exists. Now that I think about it... you may try yourself and use the model if you credit me, as you want. :) You have my permission.

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The lightsaber is very good I only have one problem. I think its a bug but when you resized the hilt, you also resized the blade a little bit. I got the mod and I noticed how it looked pretty much exactly like Revan's lightsaber. But after that I noticed that the blade is shorter than the normal lightsaber blades. 

http://imgur.com/jcbwTCW               http://imgur.com/ZksnxLz


The second one is a little hard to read so I will tell you via this text. "This is the modified version of the blade. Notice how the blade is shorter and slightly tilted to the left, those are what you need to fix for the blade. (I have not moved the camera)

I hope that works (I never used this website before, or the website for the pictures) But assuming that you look at the images the first one is the normal lightsaber blade, and the second one is the one you made. It is a nitpick but I can imagine it making combat about 0.0000001% harder to use. Like I said its a nitpick but still a small issue.
Learning how to submit pictures is fun. (messed up the first time)

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