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  1. Nice done. Looks pretty much better, than the stock Lando. Could you give him some sounds. I hate it, that the stock Lando has no quotes from JO.
  2. I originally come from Croatia, but I live in Germany.
  3. ^ Thank you for the tip. I tried this and I think this might work. I think to ask Hapslash wouldn't be a problem, since I saw other members using his models. I see if I can get to contact with the author of the Raptor. it's been 9 years since he uploaded them and I think that's the only model he put on JK3Files.
  4. That Katana is really nice. I love it! And also love that you made a saber hilt version of it. Just awesome
  5. The Sssi ruuk are also cool. Looking much more tyrannosaurid/allosaurid, than the Tiss'shar Oh yeah I remember these Raptors. They had the Wampa sound Is there a chance to make it with Maya 2014, or do I need 3ds Max? I'm more handy with Maya than max. Or in the beginning, when they were transported in the Raptor Pit. They just cut the box up and slice every worker. End of the movie ^^ haha No problem. Thanks anyway I would like to try it by myself, but I aint found a way to make it on Maya (even possible?)
  6. Hey there, My name's Niko and I'm from croatia. I played JKA the first time, when EPIII came out and still play it sometimes and beat the singleplayer or have fun in the MP. It's really one of these few games, that I have always fun to play. IMO one of the best SW games. I also have some skills with Maya '14 (I guess it's pretty useless, if I want to model something for JKA right?) I found in the SW wookiepedia a cool race: The Tiss'shar. Humanoid Raptors. They kinda look pretty much like the ones from Jurassic Park. Just badass! That's so awesome JP and SW, two of my favourite franchises kinda fused I tought about how would look a "Jedi Raptor" and made some sketches: Jedi: http://s7.directupload.net/images/140930/w3ykb7k3.jpg Sith: http://s7.directupload.net/images/140930/gjl5ga9c.jpg I saw the Trandoshan & Desann in robes models and was really happy to see it, cause it's kinda rare seeing reptilians in a good role (or atleast as a Jedi) I tought this might be a cool though of a Jedi Raptor ^^ atleast it's kinda innovative I'm glad to see many talented people doing some really cool things for this great game! N!ko
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