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  1. I never would've seen this if I hadn't replied to that PM to correct Gummelt and seen the notification. So apologies in advance that I will probably forget to ever come back here and check this thread. Feel free to poke me on #ja if there are questions. My suggestions for format improvements would be: Use FP16 instead of the poorly-range-quantized U16. It will work out more handily for both rotations and translations. I recommend pre-filtering IEEE special-cases in the tool, which will make conversion to FP32 actually faster than the scale & bias the engine does with current data.Proba
  2. Version Rev 1.2


    Hydroball II is the "sequel" to Hydroball (a JK2 mod) for Jedi Academy. Inspired by the Blitzball concept, Hydroball takes place in an underwater arena in which two teams must fight to score goals against each other. Basically, it's underwater soccer with tackling, force powers, and some other crazy stuff. ###################################################### Above is the original description from the readme file, the credits and changelog are also from the readme. I posted this with the author's permission and included a screenshot of him giving me permission. I feel like this should b
  3. RichW

    Ninja Mod

    Version 1.0


    Author: Coding/Textures/Artwork by Rich Whitehouse Models by The Anonymous Modeler ------------------------------------------------------------- This is a crazy ninja mod. With blood and weapons and crazy cool stuff. It is only for multiplayer. You can probably activate the mod in SP but stuff will not work and be weird and broken. Probably. There's a bunch of new stuff. Check the menus for new key bindings. Too lazy to explain everything. Figure it out yourself. This is just a quicky and is unsupported, and my friend The Anonymous Modeler doesn't have time to do any updates. Or skin the model
  4. I didn't actually know there were any until last week. I've fixed quite a bit of stuff DT85 has told me about over the weekend, so I think it's in a good state now. He mentioned he's gonna be working on a Noesis export tutorial, which is excellent. So, about the compression, I'm not sure what carcass was doing. But they kinda got it wrong in the format - the way the engine expects transforms, you're ending up with parent-local matrices which are in base/bind-local space. Bind-local matrices in parent-local space would've been much more efficient for small deltas, where lots of bones would'v
  5. It could depend on a lot of things, especially which format you're using to go between. Is it FBX? With any format, there are some things to be aware of: 1) Noesis will load a texture even if it doesn't have an extension, by checking for that texture in all of its supported texture formats. (of which there are many) Not all modelers will be able to do the same, they often need an explicit extension on the texture path. 2) Noesis will also load a texture by the material name, if the actual texture path doesn't exist. This isn't standard behavior for any modeler I'm aware of, but Noesis does i
  6. RichW


    You can load the GLM, then drag and drop the GLA from an explorer to apply the animation to the model. Or you can install this script: https://code.google.com/p/noesis-plugins-official/source/browse/trunk/Rich/tool_applytopreview.py It'll give you an "Apply to Preview" right-click context menu for the in-app file list. When exporting, you can use -loadanim filename.gla to combine the model+anim into a single export target like FBX. Although keep in mind that the FBX SDK doesn't cope very nicely with 20,000 frames of animation, so you may be waiting a bit if you try it with the standard human
  7. Well, you're exporting with weighting intact, so you can certainly modify the geometry and retain the weighting data. Chances are, if you modify the vertices/topology significantly, the weighting will look wrong and you'll have to adjust it and/or add weights for new verts, but adjusting the broken portion is a far cry from having to re-weight the whole model if you just want to make selective modifications. A weight is defined as just a bone index and an influence factor for that bone when you're working with this data post-export and modeling in bind space, so a good editor will handle modif
  8. "skeleton shit"? It imports the skeleton, just put the GLA for the GLM in the same directory as the GLM when you open it if Noesis isn't locating it on the path. This is as of 4.0984, if you're still using an older version you'll want to use the auto-update feature under the Tools menu as GLM and GLA export was added over the last couple of versions. You're able to go GLM and/or GLA to FBX/other (I recommend FBX as the most feature-complete target format), and from FBX/other to GLM+GLA. So you're able to export existing models+animations to FBX, modify them, then put them back in the game. F
  9. Noesis has GLM and GLA export support now. Feel free to try it out and let me know in #jacoders if you run into any problems.
  10. RichW


    Version (v4.0999)


    Noesis is a tool for previewing and converting between hundreds of model, image, and animation formats. It utilizes a robust plugin system, with support for native extension modules and Python scripts. The plugin/script API features hundreds of functions and interfaces which assist in developing new formats, tools, and visualization aids. This program has an inbuilt auto-update option which is recommended you utilize to get the most up-to-date fixes.
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