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  1. I would suggest you created a tutorial and submitted it to jkhub. This way anyone who is interested can learn from your experience. This community isn't really here for a master-student learning setup. Knowledge to the masses! Recruiting people for your project is fine though =]
  2. This project sounds very familiar. I have been approached for assistance on something like this on a few occasions. Do you mind listing the current development team? Name and roles please =p
  3. Well I'm not sure what they can legally demand in their agreement. But the demands I've seen so far seem within reason. If you are compiling the SDK normally with jamp.exe as the intended program to run it, there is no way that it can be prosecuted if it happens to work on iojamp as well. But if you are intentionally including features that will only work on iojamp, then it is no longer created to be only used by jamp.exe. So it will be against the license agreement. And just making sure that it is compatible with both of them in this situation isn't enough. For instance the situation we discussed off-site eez: Adding additional trap calls by utilizing new engine features in the iojamp project. It should be possible to make it compatible with jamp.exe by disabling the new features if this is the program that runs it. But there is no denying that this mod project was now created with iojamp in mind, thus breaking the license agreement, and you are no longer allowed to use the source code provided in the JKA SDK to make this mod which is intended for iojamp. Unfortunately it seems to be pretty conclusive that this is the intention of the mentioned section of the SDK license agreement. It seems like a reasonable demand, and I can't think of any arguments to get around it. Neither have I seen any arguments mentioned here that would allow us to get around it. Still, the JKA SDK license agreement does not pose a threat to the actual iojamp project. Just its actual practical use after its completion. Though there might be some copyright issues that can cause problems for the project. And I think the only safe method to get around this is to get conclusive answers from lucasart/ravensoftware about what is allowed and what isn't. Or people can just break the license agreement at their own risk.
  4. "for operation only with the full version of the software game Jedi Academy" This thing is nasty when it comes to using the SDK to code mods for iojamp.
  5. Well, I have a bachelor degree in Game Programming, if that counts? 3rd level linkedin connections to gabe newell and lots of other valve employees + other companies (probably). My game programming teacher has a lot of contacts apparently. =p
  6. I used to be base defence. =3 ctfkill.cfg seta CTFKill "force_forcepowerother; wait 10; force_healother; wait 10; kill" bind - "vstr CTFKill" bind v "vstr CTFKill" ^ I still have this in my base folder.
  7. Scooper


    Hey welcome. I remember your name too =o I also remember some other guy with an S name from CTF, but don't think that was you.
  8. I had a discussion about this topic with eezstreet yesterday @Defiant. And as far as I'm concerned we did conclude there to be some issues as you pointed out. But the issue isn't with the iojamp project itself. Since it uses original code or open source code from the q3 engine, and no parts of the JKA SDK; it doesn't fall under the SDK license agreement. The issue is with the goal of iojamp, which is to liberate mods from the limitations of using the closed source engine. This basically means that new mods can be created utilizing new or improved features in the iojamp project. This goes against that section of the SDK agreement. Since using these improved/new features would make the mod aimed towards a different program than the "full version of the software game Jedi Academy". So there is no legal issues in this section about creating the iojamp project. But it presents problems for people who wish to use it for their mods. And that can destroy the reason for the project to be created in the first place.
  9. But we're talking about bounding boxes, not brush models.
  10. I haven't looked into any details for the iojamp project, but they are recreating the jamp.exe. So it won't be necessary to distribute the .DLL files, and it's not using any code or tools from the JKA SDK. (Again, this is my current assumption, sorry if I'm wrong) The section you are quoting is for the use of the JKA SDK to create new .dll files, and about distributing these new dll files. And the part towards the end which says "only with the full version of the software game Jedi Academy..." would basically mean that modders aren't allowed to create mods intended for the iojamp project. But if iojamp supports the usage of SDK created dll files, that's not something the .dll authors can be blamed for. So I don't see a problem, feel free to elaborate if you disagree with me =]
  11. Hey there, and welcome =]
  12. Yes my exporter eliminates the need for that compile process. All you need to do is File -> Export, export as .glm, and it's ready for use in the game. Edit: And if it's still not clear: This is mainly for player models. I haven't tested it at all for weapons yet.
  13. Considering how easy it is to actually enable rotatable bounding boxes I have no issue with telling you the process I used. I'm convinced you'd be able to do it yourself if you researched it a little. But if this is all you wanted then instead of making the prone feature I'll tell you on IRC how it's done =p Less work.
  14. The point is that it's been requested, and multiple people have shown interest. The exporter will allow you to export a model from 3DS max to .glm format, which will be directly useable by jka/jk2. How is that not useful? The importer allows you to import a model from .glm format properly weighted and rigged into 3DS max. You just have to specify the correct .gla file which holds the skeleton used. For the base _humanoid.gla I will probably make it so you don't have to specify it. There is a pair of importer/exporters for blender created by mrwonko, which it seems like you're aware of. So if that's your preference, you can simply use those. Edit: And 3DS max supports a bunch of formats, and many people create plugins for it. So you can probably find a way to get the model into any editor you prefer, to work on it there. I'm just providing an effective method to do the modeling process in JKA/JK2, for 3DS max.
  15. Scooper


    Hey Tritoch, I remember you!
  16. I'll be finishing up the .glm importer / exporter plugins for 3DS max soon.
  17. I didn't know I had a reputation for being a liar. =/ Anyways, I guess I could give it a go if you must have the evidence. Hopefully it works the same for player bounding box. There is a capsule collision method that I can't really remember where/how is used. If it's used for player and is very different from normal bounding boxes it could cause an issue for the prone feature. But what I've been telling you about is rotatable bounding boxes in general.
  18. Well I didn't complete it, it was just to prove the concept. It's missing client side version to fix predictions and there was slight glitchyness on the corners because of some wrong settings. But both of those cases should be easy to fix. So it's possible to do it, I've done it partially. It's not been completed because I don't have a good use for it yet. (Except for makermod objects of course, but will take a bit of restructuring so I don't want to do it yet.) tl;dr OH YES I DID.
  19. I already made this. Just a quick test to prove to Xycaleth that it was easier than the bmodel stuff. =p It should work for players too.
  20. Oh you're THAT energy =p Makes sense.
  21. Avalon is the movie that made me and some friends start playing JKA CTF seriously. Many years ago 3-4 of us were very into the pug ctf community =) It was awesome. I am no longer an active ctf player.
  22. Scooper

    I. Am. Tao.

    Bwahahaha, Caelum makes me laugh. And welcome Tao.
  23. You're awfully skilled at this Inyri. It's fun to see the model take shape, it's looking great.
  24. As the creator/coder of "spinmod": I encourage anyone who wants to make a mod like this to go right ahead. Spinmod was a very quick project, and is exploitable because it doesn't include common bug fixes. It would be nice to see someone more serious/passionate about the genre create a proper mod for it, I wasn't interested enough to do it properly =)
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