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  1. What exactly are you looking to get from them?
  2. I approve, you deserve every penny/cent/whatever you get for your job.
  3. Yes, yes it can. Remove the lyrics and it's already a huge improvement. Other than that, pretty much anything in this topic is better. ... I don't like rap. =p
  4. VS 2008 or 2010? Edit: Well, might not matter much. The first thing I'd like you to try is just start your Visual C++ with right click -> run as administrator. And see if you now get the error at all. If that solves your issue then the output directory for your project is in a folder that requires admin rights to write to. And you can solve it by altering the rights on the lucasart/gamedata folder.
  5. First one seems to be something out of Lineage 2.
  6. It's midget kyle / goblin kyle! It's basically a bug that occurred because the character skeleton wasn't scaled up properly. This was done in @Xycaleth's GLA viewer, though the bug was caused by me while testing something. The result was hilarious, so screencapped. You should have seen him do fighting animations. It looked like he was seconds away from throwing away his saber in favor of biting your face off. Or in his case, your knee. He wasn't very tall.
  7. uimenu <menuname> Works the same way as ui_openmenu
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3eb0Kick6w&hd=1
  9. I thought the same thing, so I looked into it. It doesn't reload the hud files.
  10. It has been done with the game engine, and it's a lot easier. Many mods use the same underlying methods to apply bug fixes to the game engine. Or create features that would otherwise not be possible. And there's some that use the exact same proxy method to modify existing mods in MP. Like @spior's proxymod for makermod. (Which I helped him make. Don't even try to pretend otherwise spior =p)
  11. Translation: SP mods. Edit: CODE mods. I forget that you crazy people mod different things than just the code. =p
  12. Version 1.0


    Hello everyone! Thank you for downloading my Client Plugin. This plugin, is based upon the Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy mod "Makermod" The way it works, is simply adding a UI (User Interface) a menu, where you can do everything in the mod! (Not W-I-P commands) So the meaning of this plugin, is making makermod easier to use. And I had alot of fun making it. This Plugin, was created by me as a hobby. So the reason for its long time before its released, is simply because I don't have as much time that I might possibly want to work on stuff like this. Plugin was also created with a few problems, since I've learned how to make it, by actually doing it. Therefore some features I did not know of in early process of the creation, has been left out for the first release. The later work is also of better quality, if you ask me, then the early time work. Since I've increased in skill on how to get my ideas into it. Currently only for Microsoft Windows. To get started: 1) Press ESC ingame 2) Press Controls 3) Press Makermod 4) Set a key. As said earlier, this plugin allows you to easily "navigate" within the mod Makermod. So all the features are based upon the commands of that mod. Henche, the features are easily usage of the makermod features! The plugin also got so you can navigate the plugin either with mouse, key arrows, or hotkeys: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 One unrelated feature however, is the makermod server "finder" You can go into the ingame join game section, and press the "Game:" Tab, to scroll into list only showing servers with Makermod. Some of the more experienced makermod players, mind find the plugin slow to use. The hotkeys helps, but many will still find it easier to use commands as orignally taught of. This I can understand, finding myself not using all the features myself. So makermod plugin will mostly be a help for newer players. Features that will make plugin faster to use, is planned. No release date on v2 though. Plugin might also interfer with other mods, if game is not shut down between mod changing. Thanks for your support! Hope you will enjoy this plugin
  13. As long as you understand that by everything I mean everything to do with the GLM. Which includes the rigging to the skeleton, but not the animations. The animations will be in the GLA plugins I intend to create afterwards.
  14. My importer for 3DS max imports everything. Here's a screenshot from an early version: Tested it on the NDA red dragon model. Of which I only had the pk3 file. Keep in mind that the above shows an early implementation, and current version shows the bones in a more familiar form. Combined with the exporter it could easily solve the mirrored UW's issue on the Boba model. Since there's so much enthusiasm about it here, I'll try and get a v1 release of the importer/exporter duo ready. I should be able to offer it for 32 and 64 bit versions for 3DS Max 2010, 2011 and 2012.
  15. Scooper


    =p Well thanks for the welcome everyone. I'll be sticking around.
  16. Scooper


    Hey there I'm Scooper. I'm a coder. ...anything else I can think of saying just sounds cheesy.
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