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  1. I believe I've mentioned it at some point eez, but it's possible to make the second entitystate/playerstate allow people to connect even though they don't have the required mod. You have control of when the server writes the states to the client, so you can decide to not write it to the specific clients who don't have the required client mod. The issue will be synchronizing on the clients who have the mod when they should start reading the second entitystate/playerstate. Maybe use an userInt for that? And the serverside mod will have to be aware that some of the clients will not have the second entitystate and playerstate available, but they can still be used on server side. But I imagine that most mods that will benefit from the extra networking capabilities will already be heavy clientside dependent, so support for people playing without proper clientside modification might not be necessary. ( Only talking about compatibility for the network states, not the extra port stuff. I don't know what you have there that might cause base clients to not be able to connect =] )
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums. *coughniceavatarcough*
  3. I've been inactive for a few days, so here was a lot to read in this topic. Which is why I didn't read all of it, but I've gotten the main gist of things. People are upset, stressed out, and unhappy for different things. Thus I offer free hugs! Look how cute! Oh and I've been playing Dishonored... whales... Two hugs to girls. One half to spior. Feel free to moderate this post however you like staff! Remove it as spam, or hug the whale.
  4. Oh you're looking for new staff members? I'd like to officially* apply ^^! * Not really applying
  5. Scooper

    Hi there.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pWriV8i7pM Welcome
  6. I think the top picture looks like a giant fan/turbine.
  7. Check jampconfig.cfg in base folder (and any mod you are playing's folder) and see if r_primitives is set to something other than 0? Though I don't think that should remove the splash screen, worth looking into though.
  8. Well my point is that what he has posted an image of, and explained, is not possible with brushes. So there is no point in "making it work". The only plausible solution is to use patches, but I'm not sure if that would allow him to get twisting rectangles either. Since they are rendered as triangles as well. (Assuming I've understood him correctly and what he wants IS in fact effectively twisting rectangles.)
  9. You guys realize that I've already posted in this topic what's going on right?
  10. It's probably adding that line because you are creating an "impossible" rectangular shape. For it to remain perfectly flat, all the 4 corner vertices need to be in the same plane in 3D space. What you're doing is offsetting one of the corners so it's no longer in the same plane as the others. You can visualize this by using your own fingers to form a rectangle/square. Then bend one of your wrists so it simulates one of the corners being moved. If you look at your hands from a different angle now, you'll see that it's creating that bend that extends outwards. You basically can't make a rectangle and then move only 1 of the corners and expect it to remain a single flat surface. You're basically creating a rectangle that is twisting if you do that, and that's not supported.
  11. I seriously misread that as Supreme Bowel Manager. Having you in charge of that would make it tough to oppose you. Are you referring to emulated servers?
  12. Apparently you do. And the reason is that it sounds like an amusing easter egg, and you're the one who gave me the idea, so it'll use your username to ensure finding it! Dedicated to MUG if you want. Though primarily it was a joke, but I might add something related to this at one point. You see another blue flash. How should I know why you danced with a dolphin?
  13. My future programs will from now on intentionally include a feature that randomly picks user to be one of the "Unfortunate Ones". They will have missing stuff. And no one will be able to help them solve it. Having all the letters M U and G in their username will increase the probability of this happening. Having the name MUG will guarantee it. You see a blue flash and all you remember is dancing with a dolphin. Carry on.
  14. iojamp connected to a jampded server. With very low resolution window, it would normally look better =p
  15. Isn't it weird how many people like chocolate? ... NO! They're both great.
  16. I like the idea, though I don't actually play JKA much anymore. Though a HP mod is something I've even considered doing myself at one point. I played a HP game once which was quite fun, the HP world has a lot of potential for fun gameplay. So I'd like to try out your mod if it is completed.
  17. Hi, welcome to the JKHub forums. =]
  18. This is the mental image @KatZ's comment gave me: STOP BEING MEAN TO KATZ!
  19. Scooper

    Stopping spam

    Fighter is right (at least some part of it). I've tested it on some occasions, the word you can make out easier is usually the correct one. Answer that one correctly, and write gibberish for the other one, and it usually works.
  20. Considering your name, I'm more interesting in all that candy you are going to start handing out.
  21. Scenario: Using known exploits a user takes over a server, and manages to make it run malicious code. This code is in turn designed to make it so it exploits known vulnerabilities in the clients, making THEM run malicious code. To my current knowledge the above scenario is possible, though I don't exactly remember what the client vulnerability is. So a hacker could pose a threat to people connecting to a server. But this is extremely unlikely to happen, and the exploits would most likely not be able to affect all clients. Maybe just a few that are using XP SP2 or something specific like that. Shellcode isn't always easy to get running. What I've just described has never happened in JKA. At least I haven't heard of it happening. So it's unlikely to happen at all. ...Unless I decide to test it. But that's unlikely too. Tl;dr FEAR ME
  22. It seems to be a recurring act that British children are creepy.
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