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    *Waves* Hiyaaa

    Hi, welcome to JKHub =3
  2. I'm a programmer, not a graphic artist. I can draw a mean stick man in paint though, but it doesn't help me editing this picture. So instead of trying, here's the idea: Butters: I don't watch Dr Who. P.S: The idea was also to edit the burning crusade poster to Dr Who. I could have added the text in paint if I wanted to!
  3. I was supportive of this request, until the part with English voice. <Insert here giant rant towards dubs being the ultimate evil of the universe> I support everything except for the English voice. I'd rather have no Kakashi skin than a Kakashi skin with English voice.
  4. Since Caelum brought it up... That guy XYZ is a real bastard.
  5. Your force storm changed him, he became... a storm. Just look at his avatar.
  6. I don't think anyone here is a stranger to there being more story after the 6th episode. I'm just saying it's not George Lucas who made those stories. http://www.quora.com/Does-George-Lucas-have-plans-to-produce-Star-Wars-Episodes-7-8-and-9 And doesn't seem like he cares much for the idea of making movies of other peoples ideas.
  7. I hurt my eye when I saw it. Where's my money?
  8. Source: http://www.huffingto..._n_1210951.html Date: 01/17/12 My initial search into claims about a new trilogy reveals evidence to the contrary. George Lucas has no additional story to the 6 episodes, and has stated many times that that's the end of the star wars story.
  9. I don't think it's bad. It's a little annoying sometimes but most AV's are. And I have free license for a couple of more years. Feel free to elaborate on why it's bad.
  10. I never really use my desktop, except to start a couple of programs and dump some random files on. Always hated the clutter. I've intended to make it completely clean for a while, so this was a good excuse. I've also had a Diablo 3 wallpaper since it was first confirmed, time to move on from that too. I forgot to take a before pic, but here's what I've got now: I've also reached my limit when it comes to being limited to max 1360x768 resolution, so I'm gonna go order those 2 new screens I've been looking at for some months. My current one is a 32 inch TV anyways, it has never been optimal for use with the PC.
  11. I write jk, then http://jkhub.org/area51/index pops up as the first option =p Edit: Though I just deleted it, so I guess the problem will fix itself in time now.
  12. I have different things for my mod that I want to complete, and some that I want to add. One thing I'd really like to try is to add my bachelor thesis to JKA: Would be a cool addition to JKA to see people/objects realistically cut to pieces.
  13. Seen it a while ago. It's great. =] I think it might have been posted in the music thread already? Edit: Nop, couldn't find it there.
  14. Scooper

    Hey guys! :)

    I approve of your hobbies, welcome to the JKHub forums.
  15. That was great, the whispering gave me chills though D=
  16. For pony! =3 Welcome to the jkhub forums.
  17. Will MUG take Caelum back? Will Caelum finally find out about his unborn child?! Find out next week, on JKHub! Only on the internet.
  18. I have no number for how expensive, but it's more expensive than skipping them, which is what I said. This collision system is from the q3 engine, so in the older days it was probably a bigger issue than it is now. But the bounding box is supposed to be used by objects that do not require any greater precision, so correct method chosen to keep things as cheap and effective as possible. But JKA obviously supports more sophisticated collisions, as shown by the brush model system. The issue is that we haven't really been given great ways of accessing better collision methods if we need them. The engine patch that will allow for bounding boxes to rotate will need to be applied on both server and client for predictions to be correct. I have not attempted anything further than the server side, so the current results I have seen have had incorrect client predictions. Might be that the initial limitations for JKA were too outdated as well. This goes for pretty much everything, triangle limit etc. Though I have no proof or facts to base this on, it's just speculation.
  19. I still can't find myself in the members list, or the overall top posters. And I've seen others complain about this, so it's not just me. Fix it! Or provide an explanation =p
  20. Aww, this looks fun. Some of those costumes are awesome. And I appreciate the effort put into some of them, cuz I like the characters a lot, even if it isn't perfect. =p
  21. Yes, but I posted that post before I explained it on IRC. In terms of bounding boxes, normally it would be correct to assume that they would not be rotatable. But JKA's collision system uses the brush model system to perform bounding box collisions as well. It does this by using a 6 sides brush model that reshapes to fit whatever bounding box configuration the colliding object has. And it purposely disables more expensive operations such as rotations for this type of collision model. So eezstreets assumption in the beginning that this wouldn't be easily possible was the safest assumption, and would normally have been correct. Unless you have looked into the collision system, and discovered the above-mentioned method that it actually uses. So for those interested in this topic the conclusion is that rotating bounding boxes in JKA is possible because they function as limited brush models. And it's possible to alter the engine code in a way to enable bounding boxes to perform these rotation checks.
  22. Looks pretty good, and I love that you've chosen a Portal theme =3. But there are a few stuff I'd nitpick upon. You also said it's WIP, so I'm not sure exactly how much else you are planning to change. I can only give feedback on what I see. I haven't seen any of your previous work, so I don't know what to expect of the final result. (If there's some on the forum somewhere that I've missed I'm sorry.) Anyways, some nitpicking: The texture resolution on the floor/wall tiles seems to be too low. The lines are really blurry, and it doesn't strike me as "real". This actually goes for all the textures I can see, but it's most visible on the tiles. You seem to be using some metal/brushed metal texture to overlay on the door. This doesn't look right to me. The door kind of looks like coarse grey cloth instead of metal.
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