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    These plugins were created on request by Milamber, with a lot of cooperation from him for testing and feature requirements. They allow you to import .glm models to Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 - 2016, both 32bit and 64bit versions. (32bit support was discontinued from 3DS Max 2014 and up, so there are no 32bit versions of those.) GLM models that are weighted to a skeleton can be imported with a skeleton if you have the matching .GLA file. If you do not have one, you can cancel that step and you will have an unweighted model imported. The plugins have been tested with creating/modifying for Jedi Academy: - Player models - Creature models (Non-player usable models, such as rancor and wampa) - Sabers - Vehicles - Weapons Should probably work for Jedi Outcast as well, but this has not been tested. The plugins have been tested and verified with the following 3DS Max versions: - 3DS Max 2011 32bit - 3DS Max 2011 64bit - 3DS Max 2012 64bit - 3DS Max 2015 64bit Installation: Pick the required plugin matching your 3DS Max installation, and put it into your 3DS Max plugins folder. Example: 64bit You have 3DS Max 2015 (64bit, since there is no 32bit) installed at the following location: "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\" Move the following files: GLM_Exporter_2015_x64.dle GLM_Importer_2015_x64.dli into "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2015\plugins\" Example: 32bit You have 3DS Max 2011 32bit installed at the following location: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\" Move the following files: GLM_Exporter_2011_Win32.dle GLM_Importer_2011_Win32.dli into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\plugins\" How To Use Milamber has created a tutorial on JKHub: http://jkhub.org/tutorials/article/196-3ds-max-glm-tutorial-characters-creatures-vehicles-sabers-and-weapons/ Credits - Milamber. For requesting the plugins. And being the tester verifying all the functionality, and making the requirements. And being the prime motivator and reason for this project being completed at all. - Archangel35757. For providing necessary assets
  2. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2400-autodesk-3ds-max-2010-2016-glm-importerexporter-plugins/ Please leave any feedback here, or discuss the plugins however you like. Seeing as I have been unable to test every single version that I've just released, I'm guessing there could be some issues.
  3. Got all from my test server, don't think I have toast's files
  4. Scooper

    Interview: SiLink

    Not sure if I'm supposed to be flattered for being suggested, or insulted for the comment about makermod.
  5. I am busy with other things. But there's also a few problems with going back to working on makermod. 1) The community has gotten really small 2) There's a lot of cool things I would like to work on, but I have to do a lot of boring stuff before that. 3) Limited free time and energy, need to choose my projects carefully. And without good incentives, I'm probably not going to work on makermod. (Good incentives being a big community or something really awesome to make in it).
  6. Got easter vacation now, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to finish the last stuff on the plugin.
  7. Yeah it does. I did sorta finish it. Just not the last UI stuff to make it user friendly. So 99% finished? I got bored.
  8. I'm busy making mmo's for a living here! What on EARTH could I POSSIBLY know about loading times and optimizing many entities network traffic. =p
  9. https://jkhub.org/files/file/2146-makermod-server-and-client/
  10. You guys need to read the topic, I already submitted it:
  11. Scooper

    Scooper plz

    I'm not extremely familiar with what lugormod offers in features. It has a RP system that makermod doesn't have, and the building commands are lower level and a bit more powerful than what makermod allows. Since we'll ignore the mset command that was never released which pretty much does what lugormod does with its place command(or did. not sure if it's changed) You'd have to explain your idea a bit more detailed, what do you mean by mini-campaigns? What kind of improvements to combat are you talking about? Some more details on what you have in mind for a dialog system would be good too. Depending on what you want there's a difference between a days work and a month or more ^^ Scripting system was always planned for makermod, both server and client. Would most likely have been lua not javascript though. But I'm honestly very unlikely to do anything for makermod myself, maybe @Didz wants to work on something.
  12. I guess we'll say they're gone for good. I still have a backup of it somewhere, but they weren't really active enough to warrant having it up. Having a section here on JKHub is plenty ^^ Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! (Also, omg Petzi is still around)
  13. No that version was never completed, so server code for that was never released. This client supports the individual shader remapping though, although I'm not 100% sure if the server does. So might be moot. Makermodule is not an official plugin for makermod, it's something Didz did on his own free time before he was officially involved. And it has nothing to do with this release here. There is no special support for or anti makermodule in this release. It's a separate product you can use with makermod if you choose to.
  14. Double post: Circa shows off speed and approved it: http://jkhub.org/files/file/2146-makermod-server-and-client/
  15. My name was spoken, and thus I am summoned =p I have been meaning to upload (whatever version I had last given out) here on JKHub, so I've done exactly that right now. So whenever that goes through the approval process, you'll be able to download the latest server and client for makermod from here.
  16. Version v1.3b


    Makermod is a game modification for Jedi Academy which lets players utilize the game assets to create their own constructions. You can place models and effects from the game to create whatever you can manage to form them into! It comes with a client plugin which aims to give you a user interface option to having to play through console commands. The client side modification also supports an early version of a test I did where players can remap the shader for individual objects, or only their own creations. The client modification is required for this to work.
  17. As Spior said I never left =p I'm just not very active on JKHub. I do notice if I get a notification though. OpenJK basically means that most of the things I had wanted to add to makermod would be a lot easier. Which isn't necessarily a good thing for a hobby project =) The main issue with mplaceb was actually getting optimal collision meshes for all the different models. This is still an interesting issue, but there exists quite a few solutions for it already. So again not very motivated to work on it =p I wouldn't say that I have given up on makermod, but it's not highly prioritized as use for my free time. And since I don't even know myself if that's going to change, I can't really say anything final on it.
  18. Everything seems answered. But here's some slightly different words for the same answers that might be useful if it's still a bit hard to understand: I think @mrwonko misunderstood you a bit when it came to your not-activeDefence() question, Darth Futuza answered it in his post though. You're asking how it is possible to do !activeDefence(), as in how do you not a function call? Remember that if statements are looking for a boolean expression, so you can have a function call that returns a boolean value. Let's say activeDefence() returns true, but i want an if statement to happen if it is false. Then I can do if(!activeDefence()). Because it will evaluate my expression, which calls the activeDefence() function, and that results in the true or false value it returns(in my example, it could return non-boolean values instead). And the ! is therefore being applied to the return value of that function. mrwonko touched on the topic of proper naming. A functions name should make it clear what the function does, and if it can, what you can expect as the return value. I agree that the activeDefence name isn't really clear enough here. IsDefenceActive would be a good name. Yes or no question. @Darth Futuza you had a ; after the function call in your example. That's not correct. I don't mean to nitpick, but since it's a topic with a novice asking for help, I think we should try to avoid giving him future bugs in his code =] Now I shall summon... hmmm, let's try.... @Didz to give another version of the explanation. Because we clearly can't have enough of these.
  19. Calling something an engine implies a lot of things for many people, even if you don't agree. I said that it would be misleading for outsiders, by which I meant someone that wouldn't automatically conclude that this can't possibly be a different engine. For me, and many people here, it's easy to understand what you meant. (But it could possibly mean you were trying to claim it to be more than it actually is, I don't know you, so wanted to get things clear.) And I meant if I have used "OpenJK engine" it was in the context of quoting your words. Meaning that if I had said it, it would just have been to use the same words as you, so that we would be on the same page. Like if a child called a dog for a whale and started pulling its tail, I could say something like: Please don't pull the whales tail. It doesn't mean that I think the dog is a whale. I'm just keeping it simple for the child. Turns out I hadn't even done that though, should have taken a second to look back at my previous posts. Sorry for confusing you. I'm not very active on this forum, and it's pretty much never about me, so I don't have any problems with that. You're the one who got loud and rude when you got asked some simple reasonable questions. But much like the child in my example above, and your video example for that matter, you don't seem to be able to deal with or follow along very well in this argument. And I have no further interest of arguing with someone who doesn't grasp the meaning of what I'm telling him.
  20. By calling it an engine it's implied that it's a new or at least different engine, which it is not. You are the only one who has been calling OpenJK an engine. (If I have used it in this thread it's only been for contexts sake). And my issue with your claim was that it was misleading, which still stands regardless of your use of the word new or not. I have no issues with pointing out that OpenJK is a modification of the JKA/Q3 engine whenever we talk about it as an engine, or at the very least state it wherever necessary. But since we don't claim that it's an engine, there isn't any confusion. I have never imagined that I have any rights to police you in anything, and I don't have a grudge against you or anything like that. So I'm curious as to why you would act as if you're being persecuted. It's good to see that you can participate in arguments maturely and discuss the things without getting all bratty about it though. You have truly earned my respect. [/sarcasm] Here's some tips for you to keep in mind for the future: If you're going to post on the internet you should expect some responses, and try not to display what a bad person you might be in your responses. If you actually did get into legal issues it would be kind of a 'biggie', in terms of legal matters. In practice you would probably get away with almost anything you tried with this old game though. The kotf guy has gotten really popular working like that.
  21. Of course not =) But no one at OpenJK is trying to claim it's a new engine. It's a modified engine though, like yours, but that doesn't make it qualified as a new engine imo. At the very least you should make sure to always mention it's a modified jka/q3 engine. And you could very possibly be correct about when you have to release your source code =)
  22. I'm just here to point out the misuse of the word "Engine" here. JKA, OpenJK, and all derivations that have been made so far as still variations of the Quake3 engine. Making small modifications does not grant you the right to claim its your own engine. That's just terribly misleading for outsiders.
  23. Well, I made this some years back: Although its significance and difficulty has become a lot smaller now that we have the full source. But it was a nice feature. I have another video that explains it, but the tldr: Made a way to dynamically add new brush models to the game, and used it for more accurate collision.
  24. Scooper


    Right. OpenJK is what you should use. I don't remember the details about cl_timenudge, but that as well as the openjk damage changes might just be the "placebo" effect... in effect. Would have to do some tests to be sure. Please do send us the tool, we might already have it though =) Oh and if you ever need direct help, you should contact @Xycaleth. This is totally not part of a prank where I push work onto him as revenge.
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