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  1. We had to take a break because of life and didn't have enough time for working in the mod (only two persons for NPCS/Models/Maps/Cutscenes/Scripts), but we are back to the project and will take it slowly. https://discord.gg/adfS8qphbh Still sorting out the mod files, etc but there are cutscenes that need to be voiced (Monmothma, Jan). Our biggest issue at the moment is porting models to JK2 (currently using a renderer trick to render most of them but still..), and still haven't found a convicing model for the main character. Hi, thanks for the offer! We just got back to development so we are sorting everything out but will need VAs in a couple of weeks We have a single person for doing male voice acting (and he's the one doing all the voices) so other VAs are welcome, none of us have English as a native language. https://discord.gg/adfS8qphbh About the bridge, it might be too long but I need to think what to do about it. The idea was to give a sense of conquest and the troops enterig the bridge should give this feeling. WRT? That cutscene is still in WIP, gotta revisit it now that we are back to work on it, but these are concerns I should take specially the hum. I know you are quite good at mapping Our mapper would like to have some suggestions for making terrain (easygen ain't starting in his GTK1.4) petr#9882
  2. I think that is a choice of the creator whether he wants to release his source files or not for whatever reasons he has.
  3. All the client-side stuff, including the moves list and GUI is exclusive to JA+ client-side. #2 can't help with that, probably client-side bug #5 they don't have pics #7 #8 don't remember this ones If you need a server I am hosting them for free
  4. JA++ is a different mod from JA+, although it is inspired from it. There are dmflags in JA++, baseJK cvars are always present because they are from the base game. Server cvars for JA++ are different from JA+. Hope this solves all your questions. master.jkhub.org   is the recommended masterserver
  5. Hi there, I enjoyed this game for a long time since 2009 and I also enjoyed hosting servers. This is something I have thought for a long time but never actually tried, so here I Am. Can do up to 8 16 players servers, in EU or USA. JA+, basejk, whatever. If you have a community you want to start and server is a problem feel free to ask. I can do any mod that runs on Linux but MBII, feel free to ask. (I can do MBII but I rather host more servers.) Support will be received via Discord and of course you can use your server configs. If you are interested, contact me! Best regards! P.S: Will make a decent page for checking server statuses etc. if it gets going, will leave a siege server and a duel server running too regardless. I don't intent to make profit from this idea at all, so if support will be limited to my non working hours / free time. Currently hosted servers:
  6. It depends on how you manage them 、I guess We have multiple loops running in different affects and it goes ok
  7. Looking for Voice Actors for our Single Player mod! 


  8. Hi guys! We are making a full single-player mod: Lost Holocrons of the Sith (we have almost finished level 1, next weekend we will begin the next level.) based on JKO's engine. What we are adding: Story driven campaign New weapons (aside from the ones already included in the game) such as a cycler rifle. New force powers JKO-size single player levels, using the engine mechanics as much as possible, puzzles... New models, map objects, etc Detailed cinematics, VA The story is centered around JKA's ending, where Jaden defeats Tavion and becomes a Jedi Knight at the Yavin Academy whereas the empire is devastated. You play as the 'bad guy' who is trying to rebuild the sith empire with a different belief of the force, or not so 'bad guy'... We are looking for someone who is able to / wants to do VA for female characters, if possible. Male is also welcome, but we already have one. I show you some example cinematics (not final) from the first level. Modelers also welcome (specially character models), but we are managing more or less at the moment The story is mostly explained through cinematics mod page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/holocrons-of-the-sith VIDEOS:
  9. Not happening here with either OpenJO or OpenJK(JKA) builds Neither eternal
    Looked somewhat nice until that logo appeared in the middle of the map
  10. You can probably kitbash and recolor an existing mando.
  11. dark soul

    JA++ Download

    Since there's a weekly question about this and it's answered in discord, this is the latest build provided by raz0r. I will host it on my GDrive so if it errors ping me. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11NaBJZqntHmkNXhq_9ehgX7D-N7mQr_F If it doesn't work ping me.
  12. you will have to use icarus scripting
  13. I don't want to be harsh, but what do you actually need help with? You seem to be only posting images and not much more...
  14. You can only use g2animent with weapons Multiplayer support for npcs is just not there
  15. Writing reply from phone so sorry in case I make any mistakes. The problem is not model related at all,the model is correct. The problem was in the way the npc was created, JK2 works different and you can't simply add a custom NPC in SP. I checked the code and it has to be named after an existing NPC, this is the way jedi2 and jedife works because they extend from Jedi If you want to create an stormie, you need to do Stormtrooper_yourname or else it will not find the CLASS_ required. Also jkii parses directly from a single file and not from multiple ones, but I'd have to check this one. Thanks for the assistance I'll try to write tomorrow a tutorial on jkii npc creation :)
  16. I just started using Blender, and I'm following https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srfpb2042lE&t=190s I tried to port a model from JKA to JKO, but in-game the weapon stays inside the model bugged, I am guessing it's a tag issue but I don't know how to fix it. This is my .blend file before doing anything https://files.catbox.moe/r30yup.blend And this is after porting https://files.catbox.moe/v5vwz3.blend Any suggestions?
  17. Hi there! Timeline The story timeline is based upon the Old Republic, right before the Mandalorian Wars. The Republic has the control of the majority of Planets & Stars. These are mainly confronted against the Mandalorian, who are trying to conquer new planets and dominate the species within them. These last, call for aid to the Jedi Order, who are the only allowed to intervene in these situations, given that an interference of the Republic could mean an offence to the global planetary independence. The Remnant of the Empire, and what is more, the Sith, are hidden in a remote place preparing the revenge to reinstate their mandate. The Jedi must be constantly prepared to fight against the hidden Dark Forces. What mod will you be using? OpenRP, it's an open-source mod that provides RP elements such as distance-based chat, OOC, /me, emotes, radio, factions... Due to it having some bugs and missing failures, I will maintain the mod to fix the current mods and expand the missing features for the Echani community. What do I need to play on your server? All the downloads required are present in the following link: https://theechani.com/showthread.php?tid=17&pid=18#pid18 Any future improvements? Our current priority is creating a launcher to ease the access to our server as well as auto-update with any possible changes. Also, auto-installation of required skins/mods... (And server upgrades) We also count with two mappers who will shape new maps to expand the roleplay experience. How do I join the roleplay? To join the RP, you need to post your character holocard in our website and after downloading the required files you can enter the server. Basis of roleplay: https://theechani.com/showthread.php?tid=20&pid=21#pid21 Website: https://theechani.com Server IP: Discord: https://discord.gg/DS8XDWB
  18. Updated discord link https://discord.gg/TQdxHtx Merry XMAS !
  19. unless you run cmds like r_loabias 3 and stuff like that i doubt it will lower much more why are you playing on pi?
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