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  1. Do you have the same problems? I just need a sample server.cfg file, complete, as the one that JA+ came with.
  2. I asked about baseJK cvars only because I think I might have read somewhere that the author deprecated or disabled some of them, but I don't remember exactly what it was that I had read. So, where can I find a sample server.cfg for JA++ ? Also, I insist - why is the grapple hook at my server just a rope and its hook is missing? What's the cvar for that? I used the server.cfg from JA+ to create a server if that helps... Thank you. It certainly solved #1, #3, #4 and #6 and partially answered #9. Still, isn't there any way to have the "Moves List" in JA++ as well? That was a very useful and nice feature to have, especially when I invite friends to play with me and I show them around the game. And, isn't there any way to have "Full Force Duel" or a way to configure the button for "Grapple Hook" via the GUI? I mean, I can still use the grapple hook while in-game, thus there should be a way to change the button for it. Finally, I still need to figure out #2, #5, #7, #8 and most of #9.
  3. Here's my version information: JA++, 32 bits, May 30 2019, 78feacf JAmp v1.0.1.0 win_msvc-x86 Dec 28 2020 I'm a fairly new JA++ user but I've been using JA+ for years. I downloaded JA++ through this mirror site: https://japplus.github.io/site/ . Although I'm seeing many new exciting options in JA++, because of using JA+ all this time I've been accustomed to a few stuff, that I don't see in JA++. Thus, I have many questions! I hope I'll be able to resolve even some of them! Thank you in advance, and thanks for a great mod! 1) At the Main Menu, the graphics and animations from JA+ are missing (e.g. the slow motion duels). Was this intentional and is there any way to have them back in JA++ as well? 2) At the Internet Lobby, the text cursor is stuck and is not following the text. For example, this happens at the "Master servers" list or at password prompts. You can see in the screenshot below that the cursor is somewhere between "h" and "e" for the word "hello" although it should have been below the last character. 3) At the Internet Lobby, do we have to manually insert master servers? Is there any configuration file to automatically take care of that? Which are currently the recommended master servers? I'm using either masterjk3.ravensoft.com or master.qtracker.com 4) At the player Profile, the "Moves List" that displayed combo demos etc. is missing. Was this intentional and is there any way to reactivate it? It was very nice to have! 5) At the player Profile, plenty of Character Model images are missing and have big question marks in their place. This was also a problem for me with JA+, but since I am here asking, I thought I'd ask about that one too :P Is there any way to recover them? 6) At the Controls, the JA+ Controls are missing, specifically: Grapple Hook, JetPack, Full Force Duel, Message Mod. Is there any way (other than key bindings via commands) to configure them in the GUI ? 7) At the Setup, there don't seem to be any buttons to return the settings to their defaults. Is there any way to achieve that? 8) At the Setup, almost all settings are missing their descriptions. Are they implemented in any way (via an extra plugin, .cfg, whatever)? 9) The JA++ installation package seems to be somewhat bare-bones. I don't get all the sample configuration files that I used to have in JA+, and it seems a bit painful to discover all the japp cvars. Is there any way to find a sample server.cfg with all important japp cvars etc. ? JA+'s sample server.cfg had really helped me to discover how to setup a good server. Without one in JA++ I'm left with many questions. - For instance, do the old jp_ cvars still work or do I have to replace them all with japp cvars? - Do all the base JKA cvars from the sample server.cfg of JA+ still work with JA++? - Do dmflags work as in JA+ ? - My grapple hook is missing its hook. It is now just the rope. Is that related to some new cvar?
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