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  1. Do you have the same problems? I just need a sample server.cfg file, complete, as the one that JA+ came with.
  2. I asked about baseJK cvars only because I think I might have read somewhere that the author deprecated or disabled some of them, but I don't remember exactly what it was that I had read. So, where can I find a sample server.cfg for JA++ ? Also, I insist 😛 - why is the grapple hook at my server just a rope and its hook is missing? What's the cvar for that? I used the server.cfg from JA+ to create a server if that helps... Thank you. It certainly solved #1, #3, #4 and #6 and partially answered #9. Still, isn't there any way to have the "Moves List" in JA++ as well? Th
  3. Here's my version information: JA++, 32 bits, May 30 2019, 78feacf JAmp v1.0.1.0 win_msvc-x86 Dec 28 2020 I'm a fairly new JA++ user but I've been using JA+ for years. I downloaded JA++ through this mirror site: https://japplus.github.io/site/ . Although I'm seeing many new exciting options in JA++, because of using JA+ all this time I've been accustomed to a few stuff, that I don't see in JA++. Thus, I have many questions! I hope I'll be able to resolve even some of them! Thank you in advance, and thanks for a great mod! 1) At the Main Menu, the graphics and animations f
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