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  1. Update: New clan film!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nrqiscpv9GM&list=LLdFD1JsZL0Bx6aE8x_3F08g&index=1
  2. Update: character age limit is now 7 - 16.
  3. Nothing has changed Mus. Things are still the same when you were with us.
  4. Right.....we don't cyber bully or kick anyone around or enforce our RP. We never ridiculed anyone or call anyone names. We have a specific rules and all we ask is for them to be followed. I spoke with Luckxzs and it turns out you and him had complications and it lead to his characters death. As for the missions, we have unexpected events and trips to planets in RP. And anything can happen in RP. Nobody has had a problem with us until now. The whole locking your character up was because you injured /killed someone....and if it was a real life situation someone would get caught arrested. Our si
  5. A few friends and I created a role playing community called Jedi Academy Order on the game Star Wars Jedit Knight: Jedi Academy a few months back. Our community consists of members in the USA and from over seas.The community itself is a mix between casual role players and serious roleplayers (depends on the stories setting). We welcome anyone who is interested and enjoy jedi academy as much as we do. In our role play universe, it is set 350 years after the Legacy Era. The clan is made of Jedi whom seek to bring peace to the galaxy. Your character will learn the ways of the force, diplomacy, sa
  6. Actually the server is US but we have people from different parts
  7. Go for it man! Be what ever kinda Jedi/Grey Jedi you want! Just don't drink the whole bar haha xD
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