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About This File

AUTHOR**: Oobah




FILENAME: mp/ffa_mtd = Massassi Temple Day, mp/ffa_mtn Massassi Temple Night

FILESIZE: 97.0mbs

DATE RELEASED: 01/09/2015



Check the first comment down below for a video showing off the map Day and Night versions as well as the yavin_trial area.




A few textures are taken from the following maps:

~Alzoc3_Enclave by Sai





~Sith Council V2

~Jedi Temple TA

All the rest of the textures are from base JA and base JK2, all of which are congregated into a single folder.


The following models are ported from Kotor 1 and 2:



~Blue Work Table

~Orange Work Table




~Statue 2


~Foot Locker




~Archive Light


Kolto Tank is Inyri Forges.


The rest of the models are base JK. All models are congreated under a single folder. Both textures and models

were done this way to aid in the map load times and to save pk3 space. To many folders and files are just



INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Drop it into your base folder.



DESCRIPTION**: Massassi Temple On Yavin 4





This map contains the following:

~6 Floors, basement added into those numbers

~Yavin_Trial setup in JA straight from Jedi Outcast

~The map has heavy model usage

~Under the hangar, underground section lays all the trialing areas

~3 Music switches

~Ambient sound effects

~Remote from Single Player in the bot room

~Training sticks for staff and single that do 1 damage


1st Floor contains the following:

~Galaxy Map Room

~Dueling Room

~Bot Room

~Force Room


~Catwalk for masters or spectators to view all rooms in a safe position away from harm


2nd Floor contains the following:



~Mess Hall

~Tech Room



3rd Floor contains the following:

~Ceremony Hall


4th Floor contains the following:

~Command Center

~Switch to open the door to the trial area, Trial Entrance

~Music Switches


5th Floor contains the following:

~Roof Access


The yavin_trial area is designed for 1 person at a time and requires a map restart to resetup the entire area

for a new runner due to it's script usage. Since the area itself was originally a single player map in Jedi

Outcast. Higher level force powers will also render the majority of the area pointless. It's designed for

core force powers and basic problem solving.


The following force powers are all you need to complete the trial area:

~Level 1 Push

~Level 1 Pull

~Level 1 Jump

~Level 1 Speed


No weapon is required to finish the area.


I tested the whole yavin_trial area a few times and it worked for me. One thing I changed was the pillar, it

now is stationary, but the force cage at the end is still in place. It is possible to get the Ysalimari

inside the cage, for it is the only way to finish and exit the yavin_trial area. A hallway connects the

yavin_trial areas exits to a hangar lift and to the yavin_final themed trial dueling area.


The trial dueling room can be accessed at any time via the elevator to the exit of the trial area. The last door

to yavin_trial can only be opened from the inside.


Map loading up time was around a minute or so on my computer, roughly that of a base JK map.


If there is ANY missing textures or walls missing. Be sure to post and let me know so that I may fix it.



What's New in Version 8.0


  • 2.0
  • Saber droids removed due to being able to crash the server
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 3.0
  • Functional academy shuttle you can walk into
  • Night Time Version
  • Moving Cloud Layer in the Day Version
  • Toilets make a flush noise when touched
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 4.0
  • Small texture/bug fixes
  • Bot Support added to the map
  • Cricket Sounds for Night Version
  • Academy Shuttle Doors Toggle
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 5.0
  • Wooden men spawn/switch in yavin_final area
  • Door lock switch for the yavin_final area
  • Small lighting fixes in the archives and on the main elevator
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 6.0
  • Look to the massassi temple thread for full changes.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 7.0
  • Look to the massassi temple thread for full changes.
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • 8.0
  • Cleaned up the map portals
  • Fixed the portal issue in the hangar
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Just went through it and this map is absolutely insane! The fact that you pretty much recreated the Yavin Trial map makes it even better. The outside of the map, even though you can't get there looks incredible as well. I believe I also spot the temple that Tavion took the force energy from. The map is very interactive and I absolutely love that in a map. You incorporated the elements extremely well and this map is for sure a keeper. On comment I might have is that the bathroom stalls seemed pretty tight to get into. Regardless, this is an absolutely fantastic map! Well done. 

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Thanks to jawa found tiny little bug with the fighting droids in npc spawner crashes the server, but the remote still works fine.  Gonna have a v2 up not before to long that fixes that issue.  Already uploading the fixed copy, took out the weapon fighting bots and because of that the download size has dropped down some.  Shouldn't have anymore crashing issues.  Enjoy!

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Bot routes were not setup on the map nore was there npcs spawned around the map.

Dude this looks AMAZING. Wow well done! You think you could add some bot support to it too? :)

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Dude this looks AMAZING. Wow well done! You think you could add some bot support to it too? :)


Bots are largely pointless and annoying.  Not to mention servers that run bots typically do it to pad the in game server list, once players join they typically vanish as well.  I use an out of game server browser which just filters out the empty and bot filled ones with no actual players, so honestly it's not high on my priority list.  If there is map bugs I'll reupload the map and if I remember I'll add in bot routes.

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* The game still crashes for me after I spawn some npc. I cant spawn any npc because it crash the game


The map has a lot of entity's bordering on the games entity limitis so chances are that's why your crashing, since anything outside of map brush work is an entity in the game.  Game itself can't handle to many more entity's on the map itself.  Only npc spawns that was tested with was the remote droid and I had no problems with that one.


I recently spawned 4 npcs on my local host and the map and server are still working fine so I don't know specificly what or where your issue is coming from.  Post in the forum topic with more detailed information and I'll see what I can do.

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really nice esp the sky portal.


On question is how did you manage to make the scaling of the textures so small within the skyportal? When I have made skyportals the textures/shaders always scale up once things become large which is a problem. However yours is tiny.


Did you make it large, turn it into a model and then downsize it?

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I was looking for a night version since the confrontation of Luke and Ben occur in night,if someone know some map of the temple in ruins please tell me.

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