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  1. XXirs

    OpenJK Ded Docker

    Usually there is some sort of instructions on how to run. EG where to place assets, mods, cfg's etc. Are there any for this?
  2. XXirs

    OpenJK Ded Docker

    Is there any support for docker? I see the docker image https://hub.docker.com/r/jediholo/openjkded is there any support for launching dedicated servers with docker images?
  3. @@Onysfx That would be the most awesome feature ever.
  4. I have opened all ports on my router and set one of the master servers to jkhubs master server. But my server will not show up on jkhubs master server or jka's. Players can connect to my internet IP just fine they just can't ever find my server in the list's. Another thing I noticed is my server never sends heartbeats to the master servers and I can't figure out why. Additionally every time I ping masterjk3.ravensoft.com it always times out is ravenssofts server down?
  5. @@Scooper Is there a way to open up the maker mod saved objects and view them in a human readable format? I've always wondered if this was possible.
  6. XXirs

    Makermod on JA++

    @ How's this coming? Any progress?
  7. Is the master server list down for anyone else? 01/07/2016? masterjk3.ravensoft.com
  8. XXirs

    OpenJK Issue

    Whenever i try to connect to a makermod server using OpenJK (Build DB94C) as soon as the server/map loads openjk crashes to desktop. Any help on the issue would be very appreciated!
  9. @@Scooper / @@Didz Is it possible to get some makermod Linux support? I'd love to run it on my raspberry pi and have a 24/7 MM server up for the community.
  10. I used to play JKA a long time ago 6+ years now recently i have gotten back into the game. Back then i was quite good at entity editing base maps for my enjoyment. I used to have T-RCX (Seto's) Maps and Boba Fett's Maps. Does anyone have an copies of these they can upload for me to download?
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