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Everything you need to know about The Enhanced Development Platform

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The Enhanced Development Platform is the base which Jedi Knight: Enhanced is developed on, and it's designed to be used by other modders as well. It is based on OpenJK and is targeting singleplayer only.


So what will EDP offer you as a modder that isn't offered by OpenJK or JAMP? Well...

  • Better graphics, and better performance too. EDP offers two renderers: GL1 and GL2 (better known as rend2). GL1 is similar to the original game's renderer but runs better. GL2/rend2 is a modern renderer with enough new features to warrant its own thread. On top of that, we will be focusing on changing the renderer pipeline to eliminate some of the greatest bottlenecks in the engine. And on top of that, we've added some novelty quality of life features like SFX sabers, holstering, and more. And on top of that you have this all running on OpenJK, which has all kinds of nice performance boosts.
  • Ingame editing tools. Many of the new modding features in EDP can be accessed entirely ingame. The AI workshop lets you debug AI scripts with ease, or just screw around, if that's what you want to do. An updated waypoint editor lets you develop the navigation of the map without recompiling, and you can view your results live with the AI workshop. There are more tools coming, and these are just the start.
  • More things, to be added in the future. I have a lot of crazy ideas which I want to implement. This is just the start.



  • Downloading and installing the Enhanced Development Platform, the easy way
  • Downloading and installing EDP, from source
  • Setting up your project
  • Adding new weapons
  • Material workflow: .mtr and you
  • Deploying your project
  • CVAR list, rend2

(If a piece of documentation doesn't have a link, that means it's still being written!)

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