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  1. There really is not much events or things involved in my spare time to really give a good introduction of myself. (Can I really call this an introduction?) I do have a fascination with computers and computer games and do like to edit how games work, but am very limited in my knowledge of computer programming, so I’m not really able to do so without a lot of help. I’ve not had access to my computer(s) for over a year now due to staying at someone else’s house while trying to find a new place to live, so that’s alot of why I’ve not been on this site much. So like I mentioned above; I don’t have too much going on most of my time, I basically have too much free time to know what to do with and difficulties finding other hobbies. I figured I at least should say something about me for a change rather than popping up occasionally needing help with something game code related. I’m sure this wasn’t a very detailed “introduction” of me but hey, I did best I could which I guess is what counts. Peace.
  2. Wow! I don't know how some people can make maps so wild like this and not just go crazy after awhile. I can't even make a simple box-shaped room without losing my mind to some extent. I guess it's just a talent some people naturally have. Nice map bro!
  3. MoJo JoJo

    Training Shrine

    Everytime I try to start this map (in SP or MP) the game crashes. Any reason why?
  4. Yeah I have this problem too, not really sure how to get around it other than the way you did by simply increasing MAX_SABER_VICTIMS limit.
  5. Just read the bug report. Apparently the original JKA did have this problem after all, and I had never came across this until now.
  6. Weird how I never noticed it in the Base JKA, but I do more of the NPC spawn stuff in SP anyway so yeah, not really much of a problem.
  7. If enough different NPCs are spawned in MP the game will crash. Some maps take a little less than others to cause a crash depending on the map size and number of entities already in the map. I've been aware of this problem for awhile now and it happens even on the latest code. This sounds like it's related to a skin/model parsing problem (that's just my guess anyway). Is there any speculation on what might be causing this?
  8. Oh man, I will so download this when it comes out! Looks uber kewlz.
  9. I came across the tutorial on how to add in the force fall power and I got it to work fine in MP and SP. The problem is in SP, velocity doesn't affect fall damage so even if you're falling down slower (by using force fall) you still take as much damage as you would if you were falling at full speed (not in MP though), and you also take no more damage if velocity is higher than normal (again, not like this in MP). I tried JK2:E Redemption and noticed that fall damage was actually affected by velocity rates- much like in MP. How was/is this done? Thanks in advanced for answers. Edit: Does anybodee know?
  10. Lel yeah, a prosthetic arm was exactly what I was thinking of when I saw it. Doesn't look quite like that when your using a weapon that's held by two hands- certain ones like the repeater, rocket launcher, flechette etc.
  11. I was clearly the only one having this problem even after the fix, so some other unknown flaw had to of been causing this. Either way, I've worked around it, lulz.
  12. Been awhile, but I'm posting this just to clarify that I pretty much have no problems at all with maps loading up now, as I just fixed the areamask error(s) to. I just removed the check in the code that was causing it.
  13. IMO, the TrueView 1.0 looks the best (looks more realistic).
  14. If you compiled the whole thing, you generally have only three files for Jedi Outcast generated and compiled. You have openjo_sp.x86, rdjosp-vanilla_x86.dll and jospgamex86.dll. However for OpenJK, both Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy require an additional file named SDL2.dll to run, which may be the file you're needing, if so, you would find it by opening the OpenJK-Master folder and then click on the lib folder, then there will be a SDL2 folder, open that and there will be a bin folder and in that there will be two folders x64 and x86 and they both contain a SDL2.dll file. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two but right click one of those files, click copy, and then paste it into your Jedi Outcast GameData folder. If the problem is not from missing the SDL2.dll file then I'm not sure what the files are that are not being created.
  15. Do you have VS2013 and Cmake installed already? I'm not very good at giving step by step instructions anyway but I assume you've read the compiling instructions on github haven't you?
  16. The builds don't include the files for Jedi Outcast, the way to get them is to compile OpenJK. Visual Studio 2013 and Cmake are the only two programs that I use to build custom builds and as far as I know they're the only two things you need to compile. Hope this helps.
  17. I use VS2013 premium, I guess maybe if I had the community version I probably wouldn't have MAX_PATCH_PLANES errors on certain maps that get them. If that makes any difference. I may drop VS2013 and get VS2015. Not really sure though. Edit: I doubled the values on NORMAL_EPSILON and DIST_EPSILON in both MP and SP and actually got the affected maps working finally. Was a surprisingly pretty easy fix. Still not sure where the "Invalid size 38 for areamask" error is coming from though.
  18. Unfortunately I have no other machines to try it on. Edit: I misinformed about the KotOR map pack about which map threw the MAX PATCH PLANES error. It wasn't DxunSithTombsDuelMultiplayer either was it DxunMandalorianOutpostMultiplayer, it was actually PeragusFightWithHK50Multiplayer, and to be more specific about this error it was "Error: CM_FindPlane2: MAX_PATCH_PLANES (2048)". And there was another map named TelosCitadelStationMultiplayer that had some other error that I never had before nor do I know what the hell it is, but when I got it, it was "Error: CL_ParseSnapshot: Invalid size 38 for areamask". I wonder if anyone else who tries these maps have the same issues as I, or if not and it's just me. Note: I tried the latest windows build.
  19. April 10th of 2015. The build I tried was from August 22, 2016, as that was the latest windows builds in the list that I saw.
  20. Yeah that does seem right considering I have been compiling my builds from a repository point from way back in april 10th. And BTW I actually reported the wrong map from the KoTOR map pack. The map with error was actually DxunMandalorianOutpostMultiplayer, which I'm sure will work in the newer builds too as well as custom compiled builds from the current repository point. Edit: Just tried the latest build, still have the same problem. Must be my shitty PC.
  21. I have one map called "helmsdeep" that has this problem with OpenJK. The map is most likely on this site somewhere, and there is also a version for JK2, though the one I'm using is for JKA... Obviously. So far this is the only map that I have this problem with, other than one map that I tried that was in the "SW Jedi Knight KotOR 2 Duels Multiplayer Map Pack". I'm pretty sure the map was "DxunSithTombsDuelMultiplayer". There may have been other maps in this mod that wouldn't have worked either but I never tried them in OpenJK after that one. Must be a strange coincidence then.
  22. I just downloaded two builds from last year, one from april 13th and another from june 11th, and the april 13th build was the last one that didn't have MAX PATCH PLANES errors, the june 11th one and all the others after that do. Now the weird thing I have noticed is that the dismemberment problem that I had mentioned before also didn't happen on any of the builds before the june 11th one and all the others after it. I on the other hand however, have always had these two issues even if I have compiled the code from a repository time from when the builds without these problems were produced. This makes me think that the dismemberment being affected by the MAX SABER VICTIMS in JASP is caused from precision loss as well. To sum it up: all the builds that cause MAX PATCH PLANES errors to show up on some maps, also have the dismemberment issue. This dismemberment problem has also occurred when compiling the original JKA source, I couldn't see if there were any MAX PATCH PLANES errors in the original JKA MP because the compile failed whenever I tried.
  23. Hmm... Okay then. I was really never aware that it required VS2013 or later until now. Now as for the MAX PATCH PLANES errors, even though the problem has been fixed, every now and then I still end up having this problem with some maps. It rarely happens but still it happens, which it never happened in the original JAMP. It sounds to me there's probably no way of getting around it and I'm afraid VS2015 is gonna screw it up more.
  24. Well currently I have both VS2010 and VS2013 and in CMake they both are on the list of other generators, while CMake obviously recognizes VS2013 it won't recognize VS2010, as if I hadn't installed it at all. And I know for sure OpenJK has been compiled with VS2010 before as I have seen it mentioned on the builds page that they are built from VS2010. Now of course if that's not at all true then I will always go for the other alternative and try to install and use VS2015. I have seen on other topics that the MAX PATCH PLANES errors don't happen in OpenJK when compiled with VS2010, but I definitely know for sure it happens when compiled with VS2013. P.S. I don't even understand the errors that CMake throws up when I try to configure the project so I have no way of actually fixing them.
  25. I recently installed VS2010 so I could compile OpenJK with it rather than VS2013 because I think VS2013 is shit to be honest. But anyway I try to select it as the project file generator in CMake and I get messages saying that errors occured and build failed and a bunch of other crap. Is there any way around this?
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