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Open Jedi Project: Roleplay Edition.

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Open Jedi Project: Roleplay Edition (OJRP), is a PC modification for Star Wars - Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Based on the existing mod, Open Jedi Project - OJRP aims to increase the overall quality and realism of Lightsaber combat, Force abilities, user interface, and further adjustments for the best role playing experience.


Images, blog entries and more available at MODDB.


Game User Interface Concept: 
























Launcher Concept:









May the Force be with you,

The OJRP Team | @OJRP_Team

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Nice to see that :winkthumb:


Seems that there is Serpantes in the project, who already worked on the OJRP mod used by JK-RP community.

Is your mod a continuation of this OJRP mod or a totally new version ?


Why did you remove the Makashi and Juyo saberstyles ?

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@@Clan FJA

Serpantes did make OJRP used by the JK-RP community, but he felt like taking the mod further. So this is its re-release. He is our project leader. 

Serpantes felt like that Juyo and Makashi were rather pointless, and that Lightsaber styles could be slimmed down to Fast, Medium and Strong - but still exploit all the good parts about the original 7 forms, whilst leaving out all their flaws.



Not yet, but hopefully in a month or so.

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Omg i want to play this

I think That would be more star wars if you change the combat style names to example shi-cho or things like that. ...you know some combat style name From kotor 2 :);)

That's the way it used to be with OJP mod (they had all 7 forms), but they cut it down to 3 because most of them were too similar/poorly animated.

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@@Francis - Thanks, we're 99.9% certain we can. The implementation of OpenJK allows us to do this, and so much more. We have a lot more to add to this topic, including the in-game HUD and the combat upgrade. Just waiting to really get good video footage of it all in the flesh. 


@@Anakin98 - Totally, dude. This mod is almost purpose built for an upcoming RP community/server that has plans to revolutionize how they're usually conducted. But, because it is Open Jedi Project after all, we're dedicated to keeping it universal for any other community to use. 


@ - Thanks, man. If you're a fan of SkyLine Menu 2.0, that'll make its release soon after this. 


@@GPChannel - As @@Lanader said, they used to be in OJP. But the Fast, Medium, and Strong styles are classic to the base game. The larger audience who play this game are more familiar with those, and they're a lot easier to understand. Fast style is speedy, but delivers little damage. Strong style is relatively slow, but delivers mass amounts of damage if you get a hit in. Medium style is a balance of the two. There are also whispers of perhaps changing the blocking system to be more sophisticated and realistic as well, but thats I'll say on that for now ;) 


Thanks for all your kind words - I'm very eager to get you guys more updates soon.

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As long as I can download the mod and install it myself (= extracting the pk3 from a zip) without being forced to use the launcher, I am ok.

I don't like exe installers and launchers, we can never know what they really do.



Currently porting to/and implementing OpenJK.


Do you mean the mod will use his own openjk.exe ? (like MBII does)

Is it a real need ?


I mean : with that, we are forced to use your own openjk exe, even the developpment stop.

If your mod is only provided with dlls, we can continue to use it and to get original OpenJK updates with your mod, even you stop the developpment.

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@@Langerd - Thank you! We're hoping to include Rend2 (in its latest, most developed form) and other graphics enhancing stuff like foliage, texture overhauls, reshades, better effects, better lightsaber blades. Basically just the most refined of everything! 

Glad you're still including a standard option, there is no way my computer could support Rend2.

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Indeed! At the moment our schedule is basically... Implement OpenJK > Menu's/GUI/Launcher > Advanced fancy stuff.


What do you mean with "Implement OpenJK" ? Having your own "Openjk_OJRP.exe"  ? Or just make that the dlls with be compatible with specific features of OpenJK ?

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