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Hi Guys,


Hope you don't mind me starting this topic and feel free to delete/move it if it's in the wrong place.


I thought we could do with a topic where we can just post our works.





So I've made 3 videos using jamme so far, and I think if you watch them in order, you will see I'm getting better with each one :) (well... at least I like to think so)




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Incredible work, @! I really enjoyed your cinematography. Some really beautiful shots! I also loved how much you were able to achieve with literally no diolauge. You kept the short (the last one) simple, understandable, and still aciton packed and intriguing! Can't wait to see more!

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Why don't people change walk speed? Basic looks so fake. I hope you will use animation feature to make this look better. I liek camera movement <3.

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You can change the walk speed?


Thanks to all for the comments! Although I think some others need to start posting some of their videos!


Just a quick video I messed about with, never really done a 'chase' cam so thought I'd give it ago. Might re-do it at some point with dof and timeline.


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In chase mode the character as you say always seems to be centre screen, I didn't want the character to be in centre of the screen for certain bits, so I just messed about with the camera mode.


When I say 'changed' in the previous post, I mean as in a specific focus/centred on a characters head/leg/arm, rather than their chest/centre of model, as you can't get close to the model with zoom as you just end up looking at their chest?


Not sure if I'm making any sense haha, I'm away for a few days but can post screenies when back home, to try and explain haha.

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If you don't want the char be in centre then just use Camera mode, as you did. If some certain mode exists (for example, Chase) then it doesn't mean you must use it.


It cannot be changed, and centre is always at the same place (I don't know if it's chest or anything). It supposed to be in far range so actual centre should not be noticed. But if you work so closely and want certain part of body be in focus then just use Camera mode, I suppose.


Example of using Chase: http://youtu.be/lqcEzG3-wbg?t=7m45s (fast forward to 7:45 if it didn't automatically).

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Hey guys, (JAWA) Wolfy here o/


Just realised I may bumping this topic, but I saw no rule about this, so bear with me!


Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you:




That's my first big production using jaMME, and I know there are a few mistakes here and there (seeing saber hilts instead of melee, forgot to use cl_noprint, etc), but I still hope you'll enjoy! Basically the idea was to recreate famous game franchises in Jedi Academy.


Feedback appreciated!



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Just realised I may bumping this topic, but I saw no rule about this, so bear with me!

Anyway, I thought I'd share this with you...

Same here. Hi everybody. As everyone has completely ignored that blue x-wing (small SW reference.. kind of) in my video i thought i'd find a different audience. Though i doubt that this is worthy of a new topic on jkhub, so sorry. Rules are not clear enough   :)

The video may be choppy a bit but i'm quite happy with the result. jaMMe is awesome  :)

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