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Mandalorian Super Commando

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* Are you going to release this for all the people out there, or it will be a personal job?


Of course it's for everyone. CaptainCrazy will make the horns and spikes, then i'll tweak the textures, perhaps a shader file is needed aswell. But Laam'inui who made the original model and textures supports our idea, so i hope we can finish it asap. :)

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On 5/22/2014 at 8:23 PM, ShenLong Kazama said:

For those who are wondering, the project has been halted, not cancelled, but it goes no further atm. I'm no modeler and CaptainCrazy has no time right now, so i hope someone can either teach me how to finish it or help me out. :ph34r:

That may be possible.

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