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  1. ShenLong Kazama's post in Importing .GLM in Blender 2.78 is Throwing 'File not found! (no .gla?)' was marked as the answer   
    Depending on where your base folder is, try typing in C:\assets\base into the box which says base path. My base folder is in D35k709\base so i typed in this.

  2. ShenLong Kazama's post in Animation Glitch was marked as the answer   
    Okay removed a few files, and one of them had a _humanoid folder included, with the animations.cfg file. Now it works properly. Thanks.
  3. ShenLong Kazama's post in Pakscape error? :| was marked as the answer   
    I'll try to pinpoint the location of the program that might cause this problem. Hope it'll work. Pakscape really is the best and easiest program for pak files etc.
    Edit: Found the problem, the reason why pakscape couldn't open the files was that all the pk3 files were in a folder with japanese letters, realized that when i could open the files in the base folder without a problem. Thanks for your assistance.
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