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OpenJK DF2 Code


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  • 2 months later...

I'm redoing all of my changes on a fresh copy of OpenJK. This time though:


- it's on its own branch and not on the master branch. This will allow me to create new branches of OpenJK if I ever want to send up any fixes

- I added all of DF2 changes under ifdef's

- I set the MP compile options in cmake to be off by default instead of being on

- I renamed the game library DLL from jagamex86 to df2gamex86. Still running openjk_sp.x86.exe and rdsp-vanilla though


It's almost done, just need to add in the viewmodel code and shove the ladder code in another branch so it's seperate from DF2 Mod.


Hopefully next time I need to rebase I won't screw it up. :P

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  • 1 year later...

Wondering what happened to the source code for DF2 Mod? Wonder no more, it's been restored AND it's on a new copy of OpenJK! Check the first post for the link.



P.S: didn't realise you're from Australia also. :o

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  • 1 month later...

So as far as core requirements, what remains for the engine? Putting things like rendering tech aside, what gameplay elements need to be done. I'd like to pick up a side project at some point and just want an idea of where things are:


What I'm assuming:

  • Weapon code. Specifically probably the rail detonator sticky function and the repeater's tri-shot
  • Force powers: Destruction? I can't remember many of the others as I always used a very specific set
  • Animation code for swimming and other JK-specific actions.
  • Creatures/enemies: Mailoc (fly/sting), water enemies, Kell Dragon (walk/bite) -- incidentally having Kell Dragons would be cool someday for the DF mod if that every picks back up
  • Inventory: Keys/wrenches of varying colors, ammo/weapon backpacks,
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I was actually going to post in a few days, but I guess nows a good time.


I'm pretty much sick of modding JKA. There wasn't a whole lot of interest from other modders in the community and while a few did join to help, there just isn't enough people onboard to really get this done. So I'm bowing out of this project but if someone would like to take over, let me know and I'll hand over everything I have. What would be a better idea though is to make a DF2 MP mod instead.

So by the logic then, I'm guessing that means you'll be leaving the MB2 Dev team.. Or at least, not doing any more mods for that, either?


*Scratch this comment*

Didn't realise the date it was originally posted and thought it was a post from today.

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@@Teancum You pretty much hit the nail on the head as far as some missing game elements. Force power would be a big one, another thing we discussed at one point which we should talk about again is how you gain force powers. I'd very much like to see the same system implemented as the original game where you have 5 levels of each power which you level up yourself and can gain extra points by finding all of the games secrets.\


@@DT85 what do you think about some of these things? I wouldn't wanna try to set unreasonable goals but if Teancum is willing to help code that definitely leaves you to focus more on modeling and mapping. I also don't know if you are ok with setting up the menus and force progression closer to the original game. I liked that system over the JA system. I don't think it would take much coding to make work since JA does have 5 power levels by default, they just might need to be balanced differently.

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Honestly I was just going to have players get their Force powers and increased ranks as they progress through the game, like JK2. Requires no additional coding, and everything is set via scripting. I think what needs to be worked on more are the Force powers that aren't already in JKA like destruction, etc before we start on a player choice ranking system.

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I would agree that scope-wise simply getting the powers, inventory, etc working should be priority over an updated progression system. That being said if level design ever catches fire then the progression system can be updated. Right now that's far and away the #1 bottleneck for a project like this (level design).


All that being said if levels were to get knocked out I'd jump on coding the progression system in a heartbeat.




Now, all THAT being said, I just wish that the original engine could handle the visual updates possible here. I love the JO/JA gameplay system but there's something about the feel of the original Jedi Knight. I've played it roughly once a year since I bought it in 1998 because it's just a masterpiece.

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