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Sales and freebies


These sales are usually temporary, so don't miss out when you see one posted! If you post a sale, be sure to link to it if possible and state for how long it's up if you can.

Most big game sales and freebies are posted on this subreddit, so be sure to check there and post any you think people should know about in this thread. Epic Games also gives out a free game every week if you use their launcher. Check out whatever is free now at this link.

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Tom Clancy's The Division is free on Uplay (Ubisoft Launcher) for the next 7 days.


I highly recommend trying this game out at this price point for sure. I played it at launch and then a couple years later. Launch was rough and the game wasn't as expected but they eventually made it quite good. I'm not a fan of looter-shooter games with gear score. I actually hate them. But this game is really cool. Definitely check it out. I may be a bit biased since I'm a huge Tom Clancy fan, but still. 😛 

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