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Level 7: Yun

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So I'm taking a small break from nar shaddaa atm, and using the time to see what's useable from the original DF2 mod. This level is bascially ready, I'm just making it look a bit more like the cutscene and adjusting a few things:









I'm only responsible for:


- chair model

- table model

- adding fire to the statues, and making it flicker

- floor edits

- lighting tweaks


The rest of the credit goes to the original DF2 mod team. :)

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When you think about it, why would the Imperials put those three doors at such an akward position? I am by no means saying anything bad about your work here, I think I can remember this is just as it looked in the game. It is just so awkward. I just can't see Imperials jumping up to get into those storage rooms.

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Funny thing about the doors/walls. I was thinking about this back in 1997, trying to understand, how and why some doors like that could be used. I do understand, that the developers weren't thinking too much about doors and things like that at the time - it was mostly uncommon thing to see quite logical construction of corridors and streets in action games. Try to remember Level 5 - Barons Hed City. There were houses, that had no doors to the streets at all - you could get there only through a window, even seeing a local dweller there.


In any case in certain cultures the doors had a simbolic meaning even if they couldn't be opened. For instance in Ancient Egypt, the tombs had quite often a pesudo-door with pictures. It was either a decoration and a nod to the trip to the world of the dead, or just a visual trap. In Asian cultures you could see that some doors looked very much like the walls - a good example is a Japanese castle.


So, we might guess, that making such strange doors is kind of tradition in Sulonese culture and not that strange after all.

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I believe, that the window at the back of the room as seen in the screenshot above - there was the glassy picture, that can be seen as an ornament on the wall now. Perhaps it would be nice to add the same texture to the window there too?


One more question: this room is actually seen on two levels in DF2. What about the next level with the whole Palace?  :)

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Jumps in DF2 series sometime were much of a pain and could even kill you, if you jumped in confined space. The only other things that were equally unpleasant are falling down, explosion wave from a rocket launcher and being pressed under the elevator (especially if there were an NPC on it).


In JA and JO they are more controlled, I think, and easier to use.

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