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Oh yeah, I guess I can upload some more recent ones, that whole model got scrapped lol.



I've got the shirt how I want it in MD, just gotta make back pockets and the zipper flap for the pants and then bring both of those into ZBrush.

I forget about posting updates here.

SomaZ did the base for the head, I just made the ears and did some touch up but there isn't much detail there yet. This head is a keeper for sure, feel like it's as close as I can get to Jason Court.

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Anatomy wise there are a few areas that need work i.e.: Eye sockets / eye lids and nasolabial fold. I think that should be fixed before attempting likeness...which is not easy since there is a lack for high resolution references.

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Once I get the clothing where I want in MD which should be quick, just haven't had time, I'm gonna send them over to ZBrush as base meshes and kinda just focus on the face. Been following the tutorials you suggested. I've also been just practicing by starting over multiple times lol but I feel like the head I have now is a really good starting point rather than a random base mesh.

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Figured I'd give some update on this here, I tend to forget about ol JKHub, I did another restart on his face, 3rd times a charm.


Making some hair for him right now, took a while to feel like I got the face right.

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