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dark soul

Looking for (female) Voice Actors: Holocrons of the Sith

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Hi guys!

We are making a full single-player mod: Lost Holocrons of the Sith (we have almost finished level 1, next weekend we will begin the next level.) based on JKO's engine. What we are adding: 

  • Story driven campaign
  • New weapons (aside from the ones already included in the game) such as a cycler rifle. 
  • New force powers
  • JKO-size single player levels, using the engine mechanics as much as possible, puzzles... 
  • New models, map objects, etc
  • Detailed cinematics, VA

The story is centered around JKA's ending, where Jaden defeats Tavion and becomes a Jedi Knight at the Yavin Academy whereas the empire is devastated. You play as the 'bad guy' who is trying to rebuild the sith empire with a different belief of the force, or not so 'bad guy'... 

We are looking for someone who is able to / wants to do VA for female characters, if possible. Male is also welcome, but we already have one.  I show you some example cinematics (not final) from the first level. 

Modelers also welcome (specially character models), but we are managing more or less at the moment 

The story is mostly explained through cinematics 

mod page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/holocrons-of-the-sith



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As this is WIP I would suggest you also go for more variation wrt. sounds... not so dominant saberhumm and a little less agressive crushing sounds when corpses drop.


I really like the artstyle - keeps in line with JKO a lot more than JKA ever did!

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This is really cool! Only thing I'm a bit unsure of is the male voice actor... No offence, but it seems a bit corny in some places and there are quite a few mispronounced words as well. Kinda takes me out of it a bit. The use of the word "thy" is a bit awkward as well. Also the scene with the chiss (Thrawn?) and the troopers walking at 0:37 in the second video goes on for a little bit too long IMO, but that's just nitpicking. Other than that, it's great!

Also, a good place to find voice actors for projects is r/RecordThisForFree. You may be able to find some people there. Looking forward to seeing more of this project 😄


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