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A friend of mine gave AT-DP model from gmod so i can convert it to Jedi Academy but

Whenever i attack the walker with lightsaber or weapons after its spawned

It gives this error , btw i use this in KOTF 2.1 mod as it has OpenJK


In blender everything seems fine as all meshes are less than 800-900 vertices

Here it's link


Please help me ^_^

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1 hour ago, The Punisher said:

May i ask what is vertice limit of a model?

I thought that every part that has less than 1000 vertices will be enough

Is there a limit for total vertice count?

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1 hour ago, minilogoguy18 said:

Add more LOD's for better performance. The game will always use the lowest detail LOD to detect collision. Also helps when the model is super far away and there isn't a need to draw a model with a lot of detail when it can't be seen.

That's what i did but noodle made LOD1

I gotta learn making LODs more ^_^

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