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    Love this, wonder if you'll do a Cracked helmet kylo next
  1. Oh funny enough there was some guy who compared his fifth brother model to yours in a picture and actually released the skin but it somehow just doesn't appear in the game
  2. Jeff I've heard you've got a 5th brother model is it possible to give me the link please? Thanks
  3. it's on my profile. do identify yourself on discord though
  4. Is there a model for Rise of Skywalker Kylo?
  5. Does anyone know where I can find a ninth sister model?
  6. I play with that Cal model it just feels weird for some reason like his clothes are baggy and without BD it doesn't feel like playing as Cal. And his saber is invisible for some reason
  7. I just realised since Second Sister and Ahsoka was so successful you should have a go at Cal Kestis and even have a BD-1 on him
  8. Thanks Jeff it worked perfectly well! Like the second sister btw
  9. idk why but the ahsoka doesn't show up in game even if it's in my base folder
  10. The Jkhub community needs to mod every clone wars skin ea couldn't for battlefront
    Where do i find the secret door
  11. Uh no i still have school, and i have to have a balance of not gaming for too long and doing the same amount of everything
  12. For me the most significant skin that could come out now is Ninth Sister
  13. Can you do Moff Gideon? He pretty much has the imperial officer chestplate but it's black with a cape
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