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Application for level design - ACCEPTED

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Oh hi,


which GtkRadiant version are you using? Are you familliar with scripting? Can you work with models exported from like Blender or 3ds Max? Maybe even make some? Pls, tell us a little more about you and your work/workflow. I like what you showed us in those screenshots. Overall a bit blocky (which is manly GtkRadiants fault, I know), but I see a lot of potential. Can you maybe provide a .map file, I'm a bit curious? :)

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Of course, Well I use GtkRadiant 1.5 as my primary tool.


As for the blockyness of my examples, that's one part WIP and one part because I was basing my design from JKFII


Unfortunately I have no real modelling experience, I usually make models by constructing nice as I can brush/patch work and exporting it as an .ASE, a rather inelegant solution I agree.


As for event scripting I can just about manage moving the camera in a cutscence and I have a basic knowledge of Shaders, light emissives, skyboxes, phong, and material properties. 


I have attached a copy of my Yun map, the .Map file is inside the .pk3




I have not attached that Maw map as it's really just an experiment in skyboxing, the geometry is very hack/slash. If I was assigned that level I'd start again.


If you have any other questions just ask away. But a question to you, if I was taken on board what level would you have me work on. Maybe I can cut together a WIP while we keep talking.




P.S. That map is basically free for anyone, take it if you wish :)

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Check here...




We already have the Yun level pretty much done, seems to only need some lighting adjustments from what I remember and the Maw battle @@Ramikad had a pretty big head start on as well. The only full time dedicated mapper we have is @@Ramikad right now, the others very rarely seem to come around. @@DT85 did a couple of maps since he's a jack of all trades as the mod leader and @@AshuraDX has helped out big time by doing the Yun map. If you want to choose one of the levels that either hasn't been started on or was started on by a team member that is no longer around to do as a demonstration of skill feel free.


It would be hugely beneficial for yourself to learn some modeling and PBR materials, the team members are all experienced with whatever 3D software package you choose that has all the plugins needed for JA. For freeware it's between Blender and Softimage Mod Tool 7.5, if you can get educational licenses for Autodesk products then you can use 3DS Max or the full version of Softimage, current versions of Maya aren't supported as no plugins have been made to work with it.

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I recommend opening up the original jk1 map in ZED (jk1 map editor) as this will give you a 3D reference.


Could really use a tool to convert jk1 maps to q3 map format. I know there's one or two tools out there, but they aren't perfect and source isn't available.

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After a very long search, I've finally found the source for the radiant importer - too bad it's in pascal, delphi or whatever instead of c. I'll see if I can at least compile it for use with newer versions of radiant.


Anyways, looking forward to see your Sariss level. ;)

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