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Jedi Knight II: Enhanced Alpha 1

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The first release of the Jedi Knight II:Enhanced mod. This is an early alpha with not so many features.

The forums for this mod can be found here: https://jkhub.org/forum/106-jedi-knight-enhanced/


Jedi Knight: Enhanced is a mod which aims to enhance the base game experience by adding new content, refurbishing old content, and forming a new creative base to work off of.

The series is based on OpenJK, which is in turn based on the source release from April 2013.


This is the Jedi Knight II version of the mod. If you are looking for the Jedi Academy version, you are sorely mistaken.


In the current release (Alpha 1), the mod contains the following features:

- A bounty of new commands and cvars to toy around with

- SFX Sabers

- Improved AI

- (many) fixed bugs and errors in the original game files

- Weapon JSON system (WIP)

- A few new weapon models to preview

- Some new skyboxes

- New fonts

- New AT-ST model, with improved handling and a new minigun weapon

- Dynamic Glow (from JKA) applied to many of the shaders in the game currently

- Randomized dialogue system - some lines have been replaced with unused takes

- The AI Workshop: an NPC debugging suite and playhouse


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OoO Interesting


Hmm but how is the Galak Fyyar in armor? I remember there were a lot problems with him

like what sort of problems?

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Awesome! I tried it but I got the following errors:


couldn't exec openjo_sp.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec_sp.cfg
Could not open string package 'CON_TEXT'
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Awesome! I tried it but I got the following errors:


couldn't exec openjo_sp.cfg
couldn't exec autoexec_sp.cfg
Could not open string package 'CON_TEXT'


The first two are not issues, those should normally happen.

The last one is more of a problem. Are you sure you're running it from JK2 and not JKA?

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The first two are not issues, those should normally happen.

The last one is more of a problem. Are you sure you're running it from JK2 and not JKA?



Sorry, my bad...I was reading multiple posts and confused myself. I am running JKA. Never mind....

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This is pretty cool, but I'm having some problems. None of the expected CFG problems thankfully, but problems that may have something to do with what the build itself is capable of.


I have several other mods in my base, including my own version of Hap's Imperial with his pistol. Because I already have this model, I just deleted the file in the mod that has another copy of the Imperial; the exact same applies for Hap's Stormtrooper. 


When I tried to load a game that has an NPC with Hap's Imperial Pistol, like the lowest ranked Imperial, the Imperial Workers and the Bespin Police, the game always crashes. It says that it can load one LOD of the pistol but not the other. I removed the PK3 with both Hap's imperial and his Imperial pistol and the game now loads the default imperial with Hap's pistol. I also have the JK2 version of the Ultimate Weapon's mod installed. Apparently, U.W's version of the pistol works for the game, but not the one that originally came with the new Imperial model? I don't get it, but the problem is fixed. Just figured I would mention this because I really don't understand what difference it could make.


Oh, and the game apparently hates Snowflakes now. It won't load any map that has the texture gfx/effects/snowflake1. This means that the original demo level (converted to the retail game, of course) and other levels with Snow won't work.


I also found a strange problem with the force bar. If the first level when I load up the game is one where I have force powers, the force meter will work fine, but if I go to another level right after that with force powers, the force meter glitches out. It keeps blinking and I can use the force for as long as I want, as I tested with force lightning. I fixed this by using the command "give force". That reset the meter to normal. Not a terrible problem, but I was playing this on the Nemesis of Katarn level pack and the glitch caused me to not have any force powers besides jump. I also had no force bar. Weird.


The trade off is that I get all of these other cool features and the ability to load giant maps with higher framerates and no texture limits. Worth it. :) Great Alpha

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Not according to windows, which gives me the "not a valid Win32 application" message.

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when i try to change r_mode to -1 and the height and width to my screen res it doesnt work and keeps loading in with black bars on the sides, its driving me nuts. anyone know how to fix this?

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I get an FS_FreeFile(NULL) error could how could I fix this? I am using windows 7 operating system 64 bit.

I'm getting that too but with Windows 10 64 bit. Had it before when I had a few other mods, but now I tried with only Jedi Knight II Enchanced. Not sure what to make of what the error log says.


Edit: In my log it says that it is looking for jospgamex86.dll in C:/USER/Documents\My Games\OpenJO\jospgamex86.dll but there is no such file there. So perhaps that's what's causing the crash since it can't get past that stage? Edit: Nope. :(

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These SFX sabers are really weird and differs from OPENJK SFX sabers. They are somehow thick.

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A shame, I'm guessing this mod is dead. I didn't even want any of the new stuff future additions were going to provide. I just want someone to fix the bugged out force bar and loading screens. Please, if someone could just fix those, this mod would be pefect. Until that is fixed, I can't use this anymore.

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I propose adding +seta r_overbrightbits "1" and others to the batch file. Some users might wonder why it looks so dark.


Could probably use:

+seta helpusobi "1"

+seta g_corpseremovaltime "0"

+seta cg_shadows "3"

+seta cg_fov "97"

+seta cg_gunx "3"

+seta cg_guny "-1"

+seta g_saberrealisticcombat "1"

+seta cg_dynamicCrosshair "0"

+seta cg_crosshairSize "18"


BUT all next to each other since it won't work like on autoexec files. Should look like +set fs_game jke +seta helpusobi "1" etc...


Adding even a single command without the seta like +helpusobi "1" causes the game to skip the intro logos.


Also the Widescreen Crosshairs mod could be packed with this (16:9 by default and 16:10 as an alternative).


So far this Alpha looks very promising. I'm about to do a playthrough on this.

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