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  1. Ran out of transform space for ghoul 2 models Adjust g2_miniheap_size in sv_init.cpp This error occurs when using this mod
  2. when i try to change r_mode to -1 and the height and width to my screen res it doesnt work and keeps loading in with black bars on the sides, its driving me nuts. anyone know how to fix this?
  3. hey lucy i dont think anyone is going to post on this. pretty sure the mod is dead.
  4. Much Crash Such wow ( i crash when i switch weapons and after awhile i crash upon loading screens or cinematics ) mod is really hard to play... tbh i only really want first person view lightsaber
  5. i can press the view change button when trueview is enabled for sabers but it still defaults to thirdperson view for sabers. I have to press the view change button again to get first person view in sabers
  6. also, switching to saber still triggers third person view...
  7. what are this mod's requirements? I get this Error: File not found: trueview.cfg
  8. so.... has someone posted on how singleplayer does work or are we still in the dark?
  9. I would if i could but i don't know jack anymore and my damn job keeps me from spending any amount of time learning. also, prior to last year with the release of the source, what exactly was preventing singleplayer modding from achieving first person view of the lightsaber?
  10. so why doesn't someone create a camera trick and remove the head model or something along those lines? whats so bloody difficult about first person view in singleplayer, ive seen it doen so many times in MP mods
  11. sigh i guess no one is capable of putting in a first person view
  12. i need it for SP badly. im going thru the series again and im almost halfway thru DF2.
  13. i will be forever grateful to whoever links me a first person view mod (not the stupid one on jk3files that requires binds and doesnt work with openJK)
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