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Author: Spanki


This is a Sith Customization based on the HS_anakin model of Hapslash. You will find 27 new customization screens after having this modification installed, so its impossible to have both, Jedi and Sith Customization installed at the same time with having all its possibilities (I noticed that the limitation of customization screens is 32 when I had the mod already done). So you gotta decide, what you prefer. In the first time I made this modification for Sith based clans around the world but decided later to include some RPG chars coming along with it. These RPG chars are the main difference between Jedi and Sith Customization, even to light side RPG chars are included here. These Chars all have unique robes that are not customizable and of course unique faces that are not customizable either. Another difference regarding to the Jedi customization is the fact that I worked with alot of glowing effects this time, you are able to costumize every torso with red and blue glowing lights. By the way, there are 2 unique robes at the end of every of the 9 different torso menus. The RPG character are all selectable at the MP icon screen (22 icons, 2 for each character). Altough I decided neither to do NPC nor Bot support with this Mod. It seems many people cant handle that big amount of NPCs , or they arent aware of how to delete them. Therefore is coming a NPC list for spawning within this zip file and an NPC folder, just copy the NPC you want to add and paste it in "ext_data / npcs" folder of the mod.


. . . the only Bot you can choose to fight is my beloved Exar Khun . . .


Maybe some people remember the Jedi_Customization_Plus, there were just Humans, Chiss , a Rodian and some Cyborg species included. This time I decided to do more species variants . . . of course the main Heads still have a human topic but there is a Kelifarian, a Rodian, some Cyborgs, a Lizard like dude, a Frog guy ;D , a big selection of different Heads form the Ratatakki species (Ratatakki is the species of Asajj Ventraa, and they look very sithish in my eyes) and finally some heads that are so bizarr that you cant say what species they are . . .



But the facts now:



- 27 customization screens

- 96 customizable heads ( + 11 unique heads of RPG chars )

- 288 customizable torsos ( + 11 unique torsos of RPG chars )

- 20 customizable boots

- red and blue glowing lights variations


- 552.960 possibilities at all

- 11 RPG chars


Exar Khun

Darth Bane

Darth Krayt

A´shared Hett

Darth Kruhl

Ulic Qel Droma

Kyp Durron

Cade Skywalker


Jagged Fel

Nomi Sunrider ( I wanted to include something for the ladies :P )



Model - HapSlash

Textures - Spanki

Mesh Optimization, Weighting & Conversion - Infinity Blade


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Really love the mod! I just seem to have to run across a bug that makes my second saber blade invisible or not appear when I attempt to use two sabers. I've figured out that it only seems to happen when I select a torso that comes with a hood and I've only tested this with the torsos from the 3f category, but I tested it with several different torsos in that category and the hoods seem to be where the problem lies. I tested it with the jedi customization PLUS file as well and there seemed to be no issues with two sabers and hoods there. However that is certainly not a deal breaker so I have to say that otherwise, I love it! 

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