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  1. I love this mod she looks beautiful I have been using her model for years now and I never stop enjoying her my only complaint but its not really a big deal its only me nit picking really but it would be nice if the black tight pants stuff would have lower waisted options cause I only see those on the loose pants but I am not holding my breath for anyone to do this for me no one really accepts my requests anyway but if you or anyone else can do this small thing for me I'd greatly appreciate it.
  2. Ok thanks um is it possible to try a class like Boba Fett or does that still count as rocket trooper?
  3. As far as I know it's only this model. Movie Duels uses different animations and poses when it comes to guns also I forgot to mention this in my previous comment and I do not know if this happens in base JKA or not but as far as movie duels go when ever I try landing back down to the ground after using the jet pack it still is activated and he hovers from the ground a bit too so I'm hoping you can fix that too but if not then don't worry about it but off topic you should try Movie Duels It's really good however if you plan on using this model in gameplay you have to use the playermodel bounty_hunter cheat to use him because there is no character selection icon to select him unless you decide to make him as part of the Jaden Korr customization.
  4. Is there by any chance you can make this mod compatible with movie duels? Because when I try it out on there the gun weapons animations don't look right like for an example when he wields a blaster pistol he doesn't aim strait forward he instead aims to the right so when I'm shooting an enemy he misses often because of that. Still a great mod though.
  5. Beautiful just beautiful do you eventually plan on making her as a custom Jaden skin?
  6. Perfect thanks for the suggestion most appreciated.
  7. Hey I don't know if you take requests but I was wondering if you could make a version of her wearing some sort of casual clothing or clothing that's not Jedi robes?
  8. Nice mod I love it the head looks so beautiful and I like the Jedi robes as well however my only issue about the robes is that they look like prequel robes and they don't belong in the timeline that this game takes place in other than that it's a great mod.
  9. Thanks I will try these out. I'm not much of a modder so if I were to to try making mods myself they wouldn't be any good.
  10. There was 2 mods one called CJP Journeyman which had lukes besbin and death star duel against darth vader outfits with different color variants and also had custom heads as well that looks like something from Haplash he is/was a modder by the way and the other one is CJP Jedi or something like that its the same as Journeyman but with Ben Kenobi's style robes from A New Hope with different color variants as well as custom heads so i think it would be cool to see what a female would look like in those outfits.
  11. Can someone please make a female version of the classic jedi project skins if anyone has the time please?
  12. Can somebody please make a my custom character with SP and MP support for me? Her name is Jeah Frey she is a beautiful bright blue eyes blonde haired white girl with a few freckles on her cheeks who wears a dark/black long sleeved jump suit with the zipper down a little with a brown belt with a holster carrying a DL-44 pistol and has one single hilted blue lightsaber and wears a necklace with a round pendant with a rebels symbol on it. here is a not a so good drawing I made of her. I know its terrible and the picture is small I can't seem to resize it for some reason.
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