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  1. I was looking around in this thread ( SW Gallactic Battlegrounds and I wondered how beautiful would it be a RPG like this, I don't really know if there's anything like it out there. Just like Fallout 1 or 2 but Star Wars theme! Imagine that, being a smuggler, a jedi or whatever. Kinda like Galaxies but focused on SP with that aerial view, how cool it would have been? Today, with all that engines, Disney, etc it really hasn't got sense but we can dream, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpM3_DMzRX4
  2. Awesome vid, just checked {S}ith Empire too, really cool. Do you play vanilla or what type of JKA?
  3. Hi, I'm Aboo, I'm new to mods, eu and this community. I decided to create an account and open this thread as my first message because I was reading the Dark Horse comics "Dawn of the Je'daii" and thought this would be a really cool mod to see in JKA, I even was shocked no one have ever try to do it, maybe it's not that cool after all... Anyways, it's not that much of a request than an innuendo since I'm not going to be able to do anything (gonna read some tutorials but still). Despite all this, here I present the idea, just in case: 1. The Plot http://i.imgur.com/lcRVuI2.jpg It all begin with the upcoming of Xesh, one of the greatest force hounds of the Infinite Empire, to Tython, home of the Je'daii. Due to his habilities, the Rakatas have found the strong in the force world of the jedi and plans to conquer it. However, just before arrival the ship explodes, killing Tul'kar, Xesh's master. Xesh makes it planet-side by escaping the wreckage in an escape pod arriving at the Abyss of Ruh, a dangerous vergence exuding the dark side of the force. While all this happens, the je'daii aren't unwarned since a few rangers have sensed the vanishing of the lives of the sensible beings in the spaceship and have had visions of some warrior with a flaming blade. This rangers travel from their homes and temples on their own to reach the Abyss and find the foreigner... They arrive at the time a force storm has broken out due to the lost lives and the arrival of the wrathful force hound. They find him around the ruins of the escape pod and fight him but he manage to escape and roam deep inside the Abyss. Crossing the Abyss and its dangers they meet him for the second time while he's trying to survive a rift worm, the jedi help him out defeating the giant worm and making Xesh their prisoner encarcerating him on a Tython moon... 2. Playability http://i.imgur.com/eujxzfv.jpg Since the story in the comics is a huge story, looking to implement it in a mod it should be shortened so I thought it should consists in at least 3 missions: We are Xesh in the Devourer, the Rakata military ship, something have happened and it's in flames, we would going around killing enemies and slaves until we reach our master, defeating him and enterin the escape-pod. I imagine it as a spaceship look-a-like enviroment, maybe with some panoramics of the space and Tython at commander's room. We are one of the rangers looking for Xesh at the Abyss of Ruh while facing beasts and visions of enemies in a jungle type map, finally we meet him and fight for the first time at the escape-pod ruins. At this point, maybe we could use a skin of the characters from the comics or just use the customization option from JKA. And finally, the last encounter, a fight against Xesh (or should we be Xesh instead of the jedi?) and the rift worm.Note: In this story, the only lightsaber is the one that Xesh handle, the jedaii still used melee weapons. 3. Others Maps interpretations Skins and other stuff it would need
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