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  1. newer builds are not always an option,having a newer builds means upgrading OS which is something i cant do
  2. i have a brilliant model of han solo,if someone can rig good then ill send it over,also the poly count is insane so would need a little bt of editing
  3. i Know this isnt the best answer or related but its definetly useful,i have every single Star Wars In game FX an dialog even latest BF's.So if Anyone if looking for specific taunts or SFX let me know
  4. Hey ! is there any way to be able to force push saber throws away ?
  5. HI GUYS YOU LEGENDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!! by downloading a later build it sorted this ! If there is anything audio related you guys ever need help with let me know im a audio engineer by trade and have my own studio. im not good at this coding/modding thing but learning.So if there is any way i can contribute or help with open jk or the game in general id be glad to help anyway i can Thanks again guys !!!!
  6. hey guys thaks i was loosing my mind im on el capitain Mac 10.11.4 yes ensiform thats exactly what t sounds like !! Circa i will try this ASAP thank you agian guys if i remember i think i downloaded a late 2014 build of open JK
  7. i know this is a long shot,but is there a way you could get the model for this outfit in TFU game data files,then get someone to rig and scale the model ?
  8. You guys mention that you can knock down enimies but im sure even when in mp bots guard is down i still cant knock them down,is there a command to turn this on in that case ?it would also be great if you could force push saber throws away
  9. i keep getting to the menu then it turns off and back on causing an annoying loop. Ive deleted the app and tried to open it but same thing happes. Im very close to giving up this crap
  10. Hello All,It is defintely a JKA model as i extracted all the needed folders from ASSETS1/Models/players etc. and ive put the models folder into my base folder. The huminoid folder is in the players folder i believe
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